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Allan Zeman & Natthakanya Saengpho of Paradise Group

Allan Zeman & Natthakanya Saengpho of Paradise GroupAndara Resort & Spa and Paradise Group recently held its annual family day for all members of its staff. Phuketindex.com was lucky enough to grab Group Chairman, Allan Zeman, and Group CEO, Natthakanya Saengpho (Apple) for a quick interview about the day and about importance of the day for their company.

Allan Zeman

Please tell us about the event you’re holding here today.
Today is a very special day for Andara and the Paradise Group; this is a day we have set aside which we call a sports day and all the staff they bond together and join together, they dress up, they have a show and they have a sporting event. The day really allows them get together and really shows sportsmanship. They have a lot of fun as everybody can tell; everybody gets very excited as they have prepared for this weeks and weeks in advance and the results of this are to be seen today.

I Allan Zeman, as Chairman of Andara & Paradise Group, am very proud of all the staff. They work so hard throughout the year, so I recommend every great company needs great staff, and this is one way to get great staff and create a great company! Andara & Paradise Group are a great company!

Why do you believe it is necessary to hold events like this for your staff?
I believe it is very necessary to hold events like this for my staff, the staff always work so hard all year. The hospitality business is one where you have to face clients every day; they’re under a lot of pressure all the time, and this gives them a chance to really get to know one another on a different level not just a working level. They have a lot of fun during this day and they can really act like children, and this is something I recommend for any great company. Just looking at their faces today really makes me feel very proud.

In your opinion what are the keys to getting good staff and keeping them?
The most important thing to getting good staff and keeping them is to show good leadership. Bosses and leaders need to understand the staff; they need to try to solve problems with them, give them a day as well to make them feel they’re not just staff and that they’re like a family. No matter how big the company is, when you have the feeling of a family the staff will work harder, they will enjoy coming to work every day. This is not just about doing a job, this about really enjoying what you do, and that will also help the guests to help them feel better. Once again, I’m very proud to be able to say that we provide a great home for anyone who wants to work at Andara and Paradise Group and will continue to do that. We welcome anyone who wants to work here because this is a great company!

Natthakanya Saengpho (Apple)

How important is today for your team?
Today is very important for our team, this is chance to build on our teamwork by holding sporting activities. We want to give all the staff from Andara and the Paradise Group to come together and be one team, and to bring up the support for each other within the business.

How do manage to build and keep such a great team?
The important thing about bringing up a great team is to get everyone to know each other, to know their background and to learn about their experiences and abilities. This allows them to bring out all the good things and build on these things together. This in turn will help the business.

What is your secret to hiring good staff?
I always interview and chose the staff who apply to become the head of a department or a key player in each department myself. The important thing is to see that this person will love their job that they do with me and that they have the ability and a chance to improve their career, and can open their mind to learn more.  The person need to be open minded and have a service mind. Besides this, they need to be a team player; they need to know they are a member of a team, and that they have to help bring up the team, work together and be successful together.

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