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Penprapa Chooklin – Marcom Manager of Amari Phuket

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For this issue we have a very chic and cool girl, Penprapa Chooklin, Marcom Manager of Amari Phuket. In order to fulfi ll her many responsibilities in internal communications and public relations for domestic and international markets, being ready for anything is essential. But what makes her so active and energetic day after day? This is what we learned from talking with her.

Lightens my day up:
This Joe Malone perfume makes me feel fresh, active, confi dent and ready for hard work all day long. Another useful accessory is my red Lancome lipstick. With diff erent shades, it can be suitable for any occasion.

I always wear this watch. I love the design, it can complement any situation. And this clutch bag from Coach; it looks small but I can keep all my stuff in it.

I’d die without:
My Samsung Note 5, with a very useful built-in pen that helps me to work effi ciently, especially in rushed situations.

After work:
I have exercise machines at home and spend at least 30 minutes on them after work. Taking care of eight Persian cats is my favourite thing of mine, too. I also love traveling; just driving around the island and chilling with nice food in new restaurants always make me happy.

Most impressive picture:
This image was when we opened the new phase for the Ocean Wing’s Clubhouse. I was taking care of VIP guests and helped make the successful event run smoothly.

My style:
Of course my Jump Suit makes me look chic and smart in it. And it can be for both formal and casual situations, depending on what you match it with.


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