Wellness Salad – Rim Talay Restaurant, Amari Phuket
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Wellness Salad – Rim Talay Restaurant, Amari Phuket

80g Pumpkin 20g Quinoa 3 pcs fresh orange segment
20g Carrot thinly sliced 20g brocolini 3 slices cherry tomato
5g Pumpkin seeds 5g almond slice 3 pcs coriander sprigs
20g Tamarind paste 20ml fresh orange juice 5ml extra virgin olive oil
1g Rock salt 1g black pepper 2ml lime juice
1g Thyme 1g rosemary

1. Peel the pumpkin and cut into cubes. Season with olive oil salt and black pepper, roast at 180C for 12 minutes. Cool down inside refrigerator
2. Boil orange juice & tamarind paste until it becomes a syrupy consistency
3. Boil quinoa with rosemary & thyme until soft.
4. Boil brocolini and cool down in iced water
5. In a mixing bowl add tamarind orange sauce, pumpkin, quinoa, almond, pumpkin seeds, and season with rock salt, black pepper, lime juice and coriander
6. Arrange salad and garnish

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