Where to stay in Phuket – Amari Phuket Hotel
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Where to stay in Phuket – Amari Phuket Hotel

For the article about Phuket accommodation, this time I would like to talk about Amari Phuket, a 5-star hotel at Patong Beach, Phuket.

I stayed at this hotel on my holiday towards the end of last year with my family. Now I would like to share my experiences so that anyone visiting Phuket and looking for accommodation can make an informed decision.

Amari Phuket Hotel is located in the Patong area of Phuket. However, the hotel location is fairly quiet. Because it is located outside of Patong’s hustle and bustle. It is a beachfront hotel with a secluded space where you can feel safe and relax.

In addition to Patong Beach and the famous Patong tourist attractions, you may shop at Jungceylon Shopping Center and Central Patong Shopping Center, which are both conveniently located close to the hotel. It takes around half an hour to get to Phuket Town for everyone who wishes to go. To get to Phuket Town, take public transit or rent a car and drive yourself, but be careful because you must drive across a hill to get out of Patong.

Because of the hotel’s large size, it can be divided into numerous zones that do not interfere with one another. The hotel rooms at Amari Phuket are divided into two zones/wings; Superior and Deluxe Wing and Ocean Wing. In addition, both have a swimming pool. This time, I booked a Two Bedroom Suite Club Ocean View Balcony at Amari Phuket’s Ocean Wing.

The rooms are spacious and pleasant, making them ideal for family stays. There are two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, as well as a kitchen and a living area. The most significant feature, and one that is quite cool, is a large balcony from which you can see the entire Patong Bay. Both day and night, Patong’s scenery is stunning. (In the video, I took a shot for you to see.) Inside, the room is furnished in a contemporary style, with warm wooden furniture and walls.

Ocean Wing Zone is nestled among the woods on a slope with a view of the sea. You can also use the clubhouse service if you are a guest in Ocean Wing Zone. This clubhouse is quite secluded and features a fitness facility as well as an infinity pool with a 180-degree view. The clubhouse is also open for breakfast too.

The Superior and Deluxe Wing zones are close to the beach, and I have seen the room previously, and it has a terrific vibe. It’s ideal for couples, honeymooners, or anybody wanting a quiet area to unwind while gazing out over the sea. The rate is incredibly reasonable and well worth it; do not pass it up, especially if the hotel is running a deal.

Amari Phuket offers a wide range of hotel amenities and activities. It may be argued that staying in a hotel is enough to keep you entertained. The hotel Kids Club is a favourite hangout spot for my family’s kids. There are numerous activities for youngsters to participate in here, like painting, making umbrellas, and making kites. (Some items may be subject to an extra fee.)

Adults also visit the spa. You can enjoy the breeze because the spa is located at the top of the mountain. If you have bad knees and can’t climb the stairs to the massage room, let the staff know and they will find you a lower room. I recommend coming to the room at the top of the mountain for those in good health since it is guaranteed to be worth the exhaustion.

In terms of hotel dining, the Thai and Italian restaurants at Amari Phuket are well-known. Rim Talay Restaurant specialises in Thai food. They serve Thai cuisine with genuine Thai flavours. Rim Talay Restaurant also serves southern and Phuket local cuisines, such as Mee Hoon with Crab Curry, Moo Hong, Kaeng Som, Tom Som Phuket and more. I selected the Phuket set meal, which had a distinct Phuket flavour, something I can attest to as a Phuketian.

Rim Talay Pool Bar Restaurant, Amari Phuket

La Gritta, an Italian restaurant, is another popular Amari Phuket restaurant that should not be missed when visiting Patong. Chef Patrizia, an Italian chef, prepares all of the dishes, which feature real Italian flavours and 5-star hotel-quality ingredients. It is suggested that you visit the restaurant in the evening so that you may sit and enjoy the breathtaking views of Patong Bay.

La Gritta – Italian Restaurant, Amari Phuket

Facilities and services (Two Bedroom Suite Club Ocean View Balcony)

  • 112 sqm.
  • Oceanview
  • Clubhouse access
  • Ideal for 4 adults
  • King bed in the master bedroom
  • Twin beds in the second bedroom
  • Minibar
  • Individual climate control
  • Safety box
  • Workspace
  • Shower in both bathrooms
  • Complimentary toiletries
  • Shaving point
  • Hair-dryer
  • Bathrobes and slippers
  • Towels

Room Type

  • Superior and Deluxe Wing
  • Superior Ocean Facing (33 sqm.)
  • Superior Ocean View (33 sqm.)
  • Deluxe Ocean View (43 sqm.)
  • Junior Suite Ocean Facing (70 sqm.)
  • One Bedroom Deluxe Suite Ocean View (70 sqm.)
  • Ocean Wing
  • One-Bedroom Suite (33 sqm.)
  • One-Bedroom Suite Ocean Facing (33 sqm.)
  • One-Bedroom Suite Ocean View (33 sqm.)
  • One-Bedroom Suite Club Ocean View Balcony (60 ตร.ม.)
  • Two-Bedroom Suite (79-88 sqm.)
  • Two-Bedroom Suite Ocean Facing (79-88 sqm.)
  • Two-Bedroom Suite Club Ocean View (79-88 sqm.)
  • Two-Bedroom Suite Club Ocean View Balcony (112 sqm.)

Recommended for
This is an excellent alternative for individuals who prefer to keep calm at the hotel while also enjoying the entertainment activities available in Phuket. Relax and enjoy hotel activities such as dining, swimming, and having spa treatments in secluded places at Amari Phuket. Also, you can easily move around Patong city to experience the entertainment, shopping, and dining options.

The cost starts around 3,000 baht (price depends on the type of room and the period of stay).
You can contact the hotel directly for the most up-to-date pricing and discounts.

Tel: +66 (0) 76 340 106 – 14
E-mail: phuket@amari.com
Location: https://g.page/AmariPhuket?share

The video is a bit long, our family participates in a variety of activities, and everyone has a great time. This trip, I did a photo session with Amari Phuket’s seven wonders, swam in the infinity pool with a 180-degree view, and had a tea break in the treetops. If you’re planning a trip to Phuket, move quickly and make a reservation; the offer is great now, and the cost is about 2,000 baht.

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