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Ao Yon – A Well kept Secret

Ao Yon – A Well kept SecretAo Yon is still one of the few undiscovered spots in Phuket. This small bay features two beaches separated by a rocky outcrop, the biggest, one of the best in the south, and in my opinion one of the best, quietest and most relaxing on the entire island, is simply named Ao Yon. The other, Ao Yon Noi,  is a lot smaller and is a popular weekend retreat for a small number of Thais.The bay is located in Laem Panwa, about 7 kilometers away from Phuket city and is accessible via either one of two routes.

One way to get to Ao Yon is to take Sakdidet Road south from Phuket  Town, continue towards Phuket Aquarium, turn right onto the small Ao Yon-Khao Khad Road, just past the Bel Air condominium, and drive for about one kilometer and you will arrive at Ao Yon Noi.

Ao Yon – A Well kept SecretThe other more scenic route will take you along the coastline to Ao Yon; it will also give you some great photo opportunities. Once again take Sakdidet Road until you reach a small orange roofed Sala on the right, take a right turn here onto Soi Pracharuamjai, pass the Mosque on the left hand side and you will then see a sign to turn left Ao Yon, this is the Bor- Rae Ao Yon Road and you need to follow this road for about 7 kilometers to reach Ao Yon.  There are no roads which lead to the beach, so you will have to park your car or motorcycle on the road and walk down to the beach. If you follow this road for a further 3 or 4 kilometers it will also lead you to Ao Yon Noi.

Ao Yon – A Well kept SecretThe postcard pretty Ao Yon beach, with its long strip of fine sand and clear water is how many would remember Phuket beaches from the distant past; no vendors, clean, tidy, not a sun lounger in sight and only a handful of tourists. Being shallow and sheltered, it’s also safe to swim here all year round. There’s no restaurant or bar here so if you do plan on coming make sure you stock up on supplies.

Ao Yon – A Well kept SecretUnlike its bigger brother, Ao Yon Noi Beach is a bit rocky; however, it is still great for swimming.  It’s a popular hangout for local Thai families, and if you venture here during the weekend you are certain to see groups of friends and families having picnics in the sand. There are a couple of restaurants very close by which sit alongside the beach and are the perfect spot for cooling down after a day in the sun.

Ao Yon – A Well kept Secret

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