Aroi Seafood : Great value seafood dishes : prices 59 – 99 baht
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Aroi Seafood : Great value seafood dishes : prices 59 – 99 baht

Aroi Seafood Restaurant, a restaurant that provides a valuable food-price starts 59 baht per dish! and the highest 99 baht! The restaurant serves both Phuket local food and seafood dishes. In addition, Aroi Seafood Restaurant can also host an event with guests about 100 seats as well. They offer both inside buildings and garden seats. More comfortable with its spacious parking lot. For anyone who is looking for a place for an important event or a group banquet, certainly, it will not be disappointing.

Inside the restaurant, you can feel a cold-windy and comfortable atmosphere because of its open-air building. You can get both a view of the lake and a view of the beautiful greeny garden…. choose at your own pace.

If you would like to know what are the famous Phuket local menus of Aroi Seafood Restaurant – so I will tell you that they are Kaeng Som Kung Yod Maprao, Namprik Kung Sieb, Pla Jian Takrai (first recommend), Moohong, Hoywhan Tom Takrai, and Meehoon Kaeng Poo.

For dessert, it is also available at Aroi Seafood Restaurant as well, the recommend are Bua Loi with Young Coconut Milk and Mango Sticky Rice

Aroi Seafood Restaurant is open daily, from noon until 10 pm. It’s a really convenient time, when you are available you can visit and try their food. The food-price is between 59 baht and 99 baht.

The location of Aroi Seafood Restaurant, it is opposite Cassia Phuket before Canal Village in Laguna Phuket. For more information, call 076 356 999

You can easily find 59 – 99 baht for Phuket local food and seafood dishes in Phuket island, at Aroi Seafood Restaurant.

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