Benefits of playing football for children.

football kids

Activities for Children It is important It is time to implement it. Also helps to strengthen the body. There are social and get along with others well.

What is football ? … We all know about football. Kicking a ball with the foot is what we refer football game and Nowadays football is one of the most popular !

Sports help physical development. Kids who do sports:

  • build muscle and bones
  • improve reflexes, attention, focus, and thinking
  • reduce the likelihood of obesity
  • reduce symptoms of stress and depression

Sports help cognitive and academic development – kids who do sports:

  • get better grades – often in the semester that they play sports
  • manage time better
  • improve their ability to think while their bodies are engaged.
  • make quick decisions, problem solve and think strategically
  • incorporate different kinds of information simultaneously– watch opponents, keep track of teammates, check environmental conditions, listen to coaching instructions
  • adolescents who do sports have higher education and occupational outcomes and are more likely to finish high school and college (lower and middle income adolescent athletes)

football kids

Sports help psychological development. Kids who do sports:

  • have higher self-esteem
  • have less anxiety and depression, are less likely to consider suicide, engage in less risky behaviors, such as sex and drugs
  • as adults, they feel better about their physical and social selves

Sports help social development (games and teams are miniature social systems). Kids who do sports:

  • develop leadership and teambuilding skills
  • enhance their knowledge of social rules and roles
  • experience supportive relationships with adults
  • form relationships with peers
  • have the opportunity to experience interacting with children of other backgrounds and cultures

Sports help character development. Kids who do sports:

  • learn to define goals, determine the steps necessary to achieve them
  • derive pleasure from accomplishment and deal with the letdown of defeat
  • pursue excellence by setting increasingly higher standards
  • cope with frustration and learn to profit from challenge
  • encounter and enact moral values (i.e., resolve the conflict between the norms of fair play and the desire to win)

football kids

skill for life
Kids love learning new skills, and through football training, we introduce your child to new skills all the time which means they experience a huge sense of achievement and raised self-esteem, through praise and a sense of worth!

football kids

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