Big Fish Restaurant, Nai Yang beach Phuket
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Big Fish Restaurant, Nai Yang beach Phuket

The Big Fish Restaurant & Bar is located in the Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach, just steps away from the beach.

You can either walk from the hotel lobby or request a golf cart from the hotel. This restaurant has air conditioning on the inside and a sea breeze on the outside. Don’t forget to go for a walk on the beach and take some shots. The view of the sea is breathtaking, and the setting is serene.

There is an air-conditioned area inside this restaurant. Although the restaurant has an open kitchen, there is no musty or cooking odor. This restaurant is described as quiet, not chaotic, with a high level of solitude. The rooms are decorated in a contemporary Thai design and provide a friendly but luxurious ambience. It’s appropriate for eating as a family, with important guests, or as a couple.

Outside, create a light, airy atmosphere with sufficient ventilation. Suitable for people who wish to take in the scenery. In the evening, relax and enjoy the beach scene. The ambiance is excellent.

Both Thai and international cuisines are served at Big Fish Restaurant & Bar. It is well-known for its freshness and variety of menus. We’ve come to sample the new menus this time. Braised Lamb Shank (590++), Seafood Salad – Insalata di Mare (420++), and Grilled Duck Breast (350++) are three new dishes that have recently been added to the menu. And, as requested by the kids, I ordered Pizza Margherita (280++).

Begin with the first dish, Braised Lamb Shank, which the chef described as a best seller. They only sold it during the promotion period at first, but because of the huge response, it has been added to the new menu. Use the calf of the rear leg of lamb that has been cooked in a rich gravy. It takes roughly 5-6 hours for the leg of lamb to slowly cook, little by bit. I thought the meat was quite soft after tasting it. Simply puncture the meat with a fork to release it, and it will melt in your mouth. For people who are sensitive to the odor of mutton. Don’t worry, there will simply be the aroma of the herbs used in the stew. The lamb has a delicious flavor that is enhanced by the sauce and is tender to the touch. Served with baby carrots and steamed tiny potatoes.

The following dish is Grilled Duck Breast with Pineapple Jam and Mashed Potatoes. Everything combines nicely together, grilled breast with sweet and salty sauce, the meat is still juicy and not mushy or chewy, and paired with sour pineapple jam. The mashed potatoes have a good salty and smooth flavor; at first, I confused it for steamed rice, but it’s actually boiling potatoes with seasonings and are made into granules.

The third dish is a healthful seafood salad, Insalata di Mare, which comes in a huge serving. Topped with salad dressing, which is the restaurant’s special recipe with a sour, sweet and salty taste. Served with a variety of seafood including squids, shrimps and clams. The chef emphasizes that the salad dressing is a signature sauce of Big Fish Restaurant.

Finally, Pizza Margherita, a popular dish among people of all ages, particularly youngsters. A large pan pizza with 8 large pieces that we can devour quickly… hot pizza, stretchy cheese, crispy crust, and fresh and sweet cherry tomatoes sprinkled on top. 

We got two smoothies, Nai Yang Smoothies and Blooming Berries, which were both delicious. Apples, lychees, honey, milk, and yogurt are used to make Nai Yang Smoothies, which have a sweet and sour flavor. The taste of Blooming Berries is somewhat more sour than the previous glass, and it comprises watermelon, strawberry, and orange juice. 

Big Fish Restaurant & Bar is open daily from 12.00 – 23.00 hrs. reservations can be made in advance by call +66 (0) 76 625 555 or contact email


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