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Surf House Phuket – Bringing the waves to you

Surf House Phuket – Bringing the waves to you

The west coast of Phuket is increasingly becoming known as a surf destination, and it is one of the only locations in the whole of Thailand where it’s possible to take part in the popular water sport. However, for those seeking to come here and catch some waves there is only a very brief period when they can actually get out on the water and that’s during the low tourist season which sees the monsoon bringing in s with it more stormy conditions and rougher seas, which are ideal for surfing.

However, there is some good news for those water loving thrill seekers who want to visit this paradise island in the high season when the Andaman Sea transforms into a “lake” and  there is a only a very  limited chance of being able to get out on the water. That news is that in January 2013 Phuket is to gain a new world class venue where non-stop surf action will available the whole year round and where you will be able to enjoy a beach atmosphere while surfing the perfect wave.

The Surf House Phuket, a unique lifestyle venue located directly in front of the stunning Kata beach, is a brand new Flowboarding venue that offers an exhilarating wave ride along and the sights and sensations of the ultimate Phuket lifestyle.

Surf House Phuket – Bringing the waves to you
So what is Flowboarding you may be wondering? In short, it is a hybrid form of board sport that brings together concepts and moves from Surfing, Skimboarding, Skate Boarding and Wake Skating. Performed on various wave generating machines powered by Wave Loch, Flowboarding is an emerging force in the world of action sports.

With its FlowRider Double, Surf House Phuket will bring the perfect surf to you, all day…everyday. Surf House is a destination for all budding surfers and board sport enthusiasts. At the heart of Surf House Phuket Phuket is the waves, whether you surf, skate, wakeboard or even snowboard, the FlowRider is a great place to express your own unique flavour of riding.

Surf House Phuket – Bringing the waves to you
Images courtesy of flowboard.sg

If you’ve never ridden before, no problem! Adult and kids alike will also be able to surf like a hero in no time, under the guidance of the Surf House Wave Operators. Their operators and the soft Membrane Ride Surface make the FlowRider a great way to learn to ride in a safe and controlled environment.

Surf House Phuket – Bringing the waves to you
Image courtesy of waveloch.com

The FlowRider Double is the Coke, and Xerox of the sheet wave industry. It is engineered to deliver the maximum amount of thrill, challenge, and most importantly, safety. FlowRider injuries are minimized by the use of proprietary padding systems, including a tensioned Composite Membrane Ride Surface (CMRS). Much like a trampoline, this ride surface is the key to keeping FlowRider accidents to a minimum. Its propriety nature helps absorb the gnarliest of impacts and makes you come back for more.

For more information visit: http://www.surfhousephuket.com

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