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Central Festival Phuket – A great day out for all the family!

Central Festival Phuket - A great day out for all the family!

Spread over at total of 35 rai, and with over 250 specialist outlets filling 120,000sq.m sprawled across four floors, Central Festival Phuket is a fantastic shopping centre experience for the entire family that’s not to be missed!
Perhaps you’re wondering how a day at a shopping centre can be fun for the entire family, it’s pretty obviously that when it comes to shopping, mum and dad usually love to shop till they drop, but when it comes to the kids, they might drop a lot sooner than mum and dad would really like. After hanging out in the dressing room and waiting at the cash register they may tire of the experience.

Central Festival Phuket - A great day out for all the family!

So let’s get the kids out of the way first, and with the options available at Central Festival Phuket’s Eduplanet Zone, located on floor P2, mum and dad can leave the kids at any one of a number of educational orientated centres. Mum and dad can restassured that the kids will be under specialised supervision at all times, in an ‘edutainment’ environment with a clear conscience that they will have fun and their minds stimulated, whilst they’re getting a good old-fashioned dose of retail therapy.

At present, Eduplanet features distinct zones catering for kids of various ages. Gymboree Play & Music, for kids aged 0-5; provides age-appropriate childhood development programs aimed at helping develop their physical and social skills. Hands on Crafts, for kids aged three to 12, allow them to show their creative side with clay modeling and art activities, whilst ECC Phuket is a private language and computer school which provides classes for kids aged 3 upwards.

So now the kids are taken care of its time for mum and dad to shop, and with their diverse selection of shops you really can shop until you drop. At Central Festival Phuket you will find an incredible array of stores supplying a diverse selection of goods and services, from designer brands to teen fashion, electronics, accessories, jewellery, shoes, bags, books… anything you could possibly wish for!

International fashion items may not be at the top of a Phuket tourist’s shopping list, but expatriates may look at these shopping opportunities differently! If you follow fashion trends, you’ll enjoy the fashion showcased at Central Festival huket. Shops offer the latest collections from the fashion capitals of the world – Milan, London, Paris and New York – to titillate the fancy of well to do Phuketians and expatriates alike.

Central Festival Phuket - A great day out for all the family!

Central Festival Phuket - A great day out for all the family!

Amongst Phuket’s emerging middle and upper classes international brand-consciousness is strong. Discerning shoppers seek original goods, which the shops in Central Festival Phuket can guarantee.

So once the kids are all educated out, and mum and dad all shopped out, recharge, rest and recover with some food. Central Festival Phuket has gone the extra mile to bring in the finest culinary sensations from the every corner of the globe.

Central Festival Phuket offers numerous cafés, restaurants and an extraordinary food court. On some days eating seems to be the main attraction, with shopping coming in second! From trendy restaurants offering cuisine from around the world to cafés where coffee is king, to fast food fixes from home… you’re sure to find something to please the entire family’s taste buds.

Whether it is Local, Continental, Mediterranean, Asian or International cuisine, Central Festival Phuket serves up the most diverse taste sensations to suit every unique visitor that arrives at great quality restaurants and a world class food court, laced around the mall as well as outdoors.

So now the entire families revived and the bellies are full, why not unwind and finish the day with a family movie at Central Festival Phuket’s SF Cinema. Let’s face it; nothing comes close to sharing popcorn while watching the latest offering from Hollywood.

There really is something for everyone – enjoy a visit to Central Festival Phuket, a great family day out!

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