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Chanishnant Tephabutra – Mother, Wife and Successful Businesswoman

Chanishnant Tephabutra
Chanishnant Tephabutra – Executive Director of TConnext

25 year old Phuketian Chanishnant Tephabutra (Khun Mook) started out her career working for Lufthansa Airways in Bangkok after having successfully completed an Airline Business program at Sumui Island’s International School of Tourism, and mastering in Hospitality and Tourism Management (International Program) at Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Campus, a course which took her to study and work in Hungary for a one year period. However, having recently got married, and having a child, Khun Mook now works alongside her husband, Khun Ritt, at the island’s Graphic Design Company World Lennium, as well as being Executive Director at TConnext.

Phuketindex.com was recently privileged to be able to interview Khun Mook about her current work, personal and social life, and a little bit more.

Chanishnant TephabutraCan you tell us about your current work?

World Lennium are a local graphic design and printing company who are lucky enough to have a number of the island’s mid to high end businesses as customers, and we take care of all their printing needs. However, we are now looking to expand our line of services to include online marketing of local and international products, as well as website development.

With regards to TConnext, our Company has noticed there are sometimes issues when it comes to the island’s tourist booking services such as unclear phone conversations between tour agents and tour operator staff, and that those phone transactions are sometimes time consuming & not cost efficient. TConnext is simply a computer software platform that is designed for tour owners and tour agents to use to make bookings for tickets etc fast, easily & efficiently and without any hassles or complications. One advantage of Tconnext for tour agents is that they won’t need to make any phone calls or do any faxing to make a booking, whilst operators will be able to receive notifications, review & approve/reject the booking via the platform. We firmly believe that this platform will be of benefit to many tourist businesses, that it will greatly improve tourist’s tour experiences, thus improving Phuket’s overall tourist image. We hope to be launching this platform in the very near future.

How do you see your own personality?

I would say that I’m very self developed, and if I want to do something I will really push myself to do it. If I meet people who have made successes of their lives through their own means, I will try to adapt myself so that I can also be successful in my own right too. Khun Ritt’s, my husband’s family, has always tried very hard to teach us the right way to live, work and stay peaceful in our lives and I hope we are doing them justice in what they have and are trying to teach us.

In my teenage years I did not get to socialize so much, but more recently I have got to meet a lot of successful people who are a lot older than me, and I know that I have been lucky to be around them and learn from them. As I get to meet some many people I know that I have to look after myself and my image all the time, I also have to try to improve my personality to make myself approachable to the people I meet. When I was at university and was around people involved in the airline business I got to see how they conducted themselves in situations like I get into now, so I am privileged that I learnt from them and know how to conduct myself in Phuket’s social scene.

Chanishnant Tephabutra

Please could you share with us the everyday contents of your handbag?

Yes, sure I’m happy to do that for you. Of course I have my Smartphone, which I’m sure the majority of people have nowadays, this is my personal phone, but I also have a second phone which I use for business. I have some everyday make up, my car keys, my purse, sunglasses, and the one thing that I cannot be without is my note book. This goes wherever I go, I make notes from all the meeting I have to attend, and being a mother and a part-time housewife, I also use it to make notes on what I need to buy for the house and for my baby.

Now you are a mother, wife and businesswoman, do you find it difficult to manage all 3, and how do you manage to do it?

It’s quite a hard time for me right now, my son Narit is only one and a half years old, and I believe that every mum should stay with their child at least until they’re 3 years old, but sadly it’s difficult for me to do that. I do realise there are a lot of people in the same situation as me, but there are those who do not have family and do not have someone who can take care of their child for them. Luckily I have my mum, and she is such a great help to me, she always reassures me that I’m doing the right thing by going to work, and she always tells me to continue doing what I’m doing as my son will learn from me. But it’s very important that I make sure I have time in the evenings to spend with Narit, every child needs some time in the day with their parents, it would not be fair on them if they never got to see their mum and dad during the day.

Can you tell us about your travel style?

Actually I enjoy travelling anywhere, and I don’t mind travelling alone. I can comfortably travel as a backpacker, in fact I love travelling like that. I love the planning, the adventure and the excitement that travelling like that involves. My work now does involve travel so I have got very used to travelling alone, but then I’m also lucky that I’m able to travel with my family as well.

Chanishnant Tephabutra

Do you have one particular travel story you can share with us?

Yes there is one particular story that stays in my mind. I was in my relationship with Khun Ritt when I was studying and working in Hungary, and at that time I got to feel quite lonely. Khun Ritt actually knew what hotel I worked in but didn’t know I worked on reception. He booked to stay at the hotel as a surprise for me, but as I worked on reception I saw that he had made the booking and therefore it wasn’t going to be a surprise to just see him walk into the hotel. However, on the day he arrived he also told me that we were going to travel to Europe to meet with his mum and brother who were staying there, so there was still a surprise element to him coming which was fantastic.

Can you tell us about your beauty regime?

Actually I have to admit that I’m totally unprofessional at this in everyday life. However, if I know that I have an event to attend I plan very much in advance. I plan what I’m going to wear, I plan my accessories and I plan the look what I want. But then I cheat and leave the final make up look to the beauty consultants at Central festival Phuket. Howerver, I do have a tip for your readers, go to Central Festival Phuket and become a member of your preferred beauty brand counter and you can go and have your makeovers for free, it’s so much easier than trying to do it for yourself!

How do you keep in shape?

Normally I have a routine, one day I’ll do yoga, the following day I’ll go horse riding, and then after that I’ll do wakeboarding or visit Phuket’s Surf House, I’m very much into extreme sports. However, if I’m taking care of Narit I will call my personal trainer to come to my house for a workout. I also control what I eat, and try to make sure that I don’t do something that’s going to damage my body.

Phuketindex.com would like to thank Khun Mook for taking the time out to speak to us and wish her every success with TConnext.


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