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“Chayuth Keawklin” The Identity of Window Design & Awning

“Chayuth Keawklin” The Identity of Window Design & Awning

Over the years Mr Chayuth Kaewklin has gained vast experience in business management from a variety of leading companies; it was his ambition to have a successful career within this field. Today, he is the owner of a business called “Window Design & Awning” or WDA – Phuket’s leading provider of Tension Fabric Structures, Awnings and other Sunshade Systems.

In the following article get to know more about this successful business man and he tells us all about WDA and what he hopes for its future.

What is your educational background and work experience?

I was born in Phuket and graduated from Mahanakorn University of Technology with a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. Once I had graduated I returned to Phuket and started working in the business service sector. I was very lucky to be employed by some very successful businesses including Tesco Lotus, Central Festival Phuket, Colisum Paradise Cinema, Allied Metals and Mr Curtain. However, after a while I found the daily routine of going to the office mundane and I wasn’t earning the kind of money I really wanted, therefore, I started to think and plan about starting my own business, something I knew, with my personal experience and know-how, I could do. I chose to start a Sunshade Systems & Awning business because I believed it is an industry which would see continuous growth. In addition, it was an industry in which I had a very keen interest and many friends in other industries which could support my business. Window Design & Awning was established in March 2008.

“Chayuth Keawklin” The Identity of Window Design & Awning

How do you see yourself?

I am brave enough to make decisions on my own, always keep to my word and can wade through pretty much all situations. I am not somebody who struggles with self-perception and I am always open to learning new things and taking advice on issues. I like to do and learn together, and grow along with my business. This is my identity; I know that success is very difficult so the stronger I am, the more knowledge I gain and the more diligent I am will not only help my business but also my life. These are the main traits that I try to implement into my business and personal life.

Why is “Window Design & Awnings” so special?

Window Design & Awnings manufacture and supply a large variety of designer indoor and outdoor awnings including terrace and window awnings. Each of our awnings is designed to enhance the look of their setting and is highly durable.

Window Design & Awnings is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of awnings and our products are manufactured using the highest quality materials available on the market today. Our products have been installed in a number of the island’s shops, offices, homes, hospitals, hotels & resorts. In addition, we also deal in awning parts and provide lengthy guarantees with each and every one of our products.

“Chayuth Keawklin” The Identity of Window Design & Awning

“Chayuth Keawklin” The Identity of Window Design & Awning

How much has your industry grown in Phuket?

We have been very lucky; our company has seen a growth in sales every year. There are many reasons for the continued growth including the growth of the real estate market and also the increasing popularity of sunshade and awning products. Before the designs were quire unsightly but nowadays they are very modern looking and in most cases they can not only look good but also make their locations look more beautiful too. They are also a lot easier to install than before and can be made to cover low or high budgets. It is my belief that in the future the market will remain bright; there will always be customers who want to have installations in new buildings or to improve an old building’s exterior. As for our own business, we are now not only operating in Phuket but the whole South of Thailand and also neighboring countries. In order to develop our brand and keep our business stable it was the only thing to do.

What are your opportunities for ASEAN?

We have already successfully supplied and installed Tension Fabric Structures for Big C department store in Hanoi City, Vietnam. All structures are pre-fabricated and installed by local Vietnamese workers. We just order delivery and provide a guide for installation. We need to expand the market to countries within the ASEAN region and it’s quite simple to do as it takes only takes no more than 10 days to transport the items, and if the item is not complex it can be installed by the purchasers, which is a budget-saving to customer’s and save our time. However, if it’s a big job, we have a team of designers to control and oversee the installation. We are also lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to work for big projects in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar in the near future.

Window Design & Awning
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Tel: +66 (0) 76 216 447 Mobile: +66 (0) 89 724 6914
Fax: +66 (0) 76 216 448 Email: arunsawadde@hotmail.com
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