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A great healthy alternative now at Central Festival

A great healthy alternative now at Central Festival

American born Charles Pulaski has been based on the island of Phuket for the past ten years. He was previously involved in the property construction business, but is now the Director of Coffee Beans and Greens, located on in the food mall of Central Festival Phuket.

A great healthy alternative now at Central FestivalCoffee Beans and Greens came about simply because of Charles’ boredom with the food options available in Central Festival. He has sampled pretty much all that there is on offer there, and is tired that all that is on offer is one kind of processed fast food or another. It was Charles’ idea to offer something a little different for the thousands of shoppers that pass through Central every day, and therefore there is now a much healthier alternative for not only the shoppers but also for Charles.

Coffee Beans and Greens offers visitors a great choice of drinks and snacks comprising of fresh roasted organic coffee, grown in Northern Thailand and roasted fresh on Phuket, a range of organic vegetable and fruit juices and shakes, the ingredients of which are all sourced from farms around Thailand, and wide range of healthy option sandwiches.

It is Charles’ belief that although there are a number of other outlets offering coffee within Central, he does have a flavour advantage over his competitors. Charles acknowledges that the variety of Italian coffee currently available does taste nice, it has been roasted and vacuum sealed months in advance to it actually being drunk, thus affecting the flavour. His coffee is served within days of it being roasted, giving it a much fresher and vibrant taste. His coffee is also unique in that there is only his and one other outlet on the island that offers fresh roasted Thai coffee.

Charles is proud of the fact most of their ingredients are organic and they operate an outlet that is as ‘Green’ as possible.

Charles decided to choose Central Festival as the location for the first Coffee Beans and Greens outlet after looking at his profit and loss estimates. He feels being located within the southern Thailand’s leading shopping destination he will have steady business all year round, compared with being in a tourist location where he would rely on high season as his busy period. He also wants a base of local customers, something which he would not get if he was located somewhere such as Patong, where it would be purely a tourist customer base.

With regards to the future of Coffee Beans and Greens, if the first outlet does become profitable and there is a successful working relationship with Central, Coffee Beans and Greens will be expanding to other Central properties throughout Thailand.


A great healthy alternative now at Central Festival

Russell – It’s nice to finally have a place in Phuket that uses organic products. For me, not only do they taste a lot better, there also a lot better for you. I think the market has been crying out for something like this for a long time.

I also like to come out and support new businesses which are opening in Phuket and this one has the perfect location and is easily accessible.

People really should come and give it a try!

A great healthy alternative now at Central Festival

Khun Ying – I like to come to Coffee Beans and Greens because I love having organic products. This is something very new for Phuket and it’s great that this is now available for those of us who want a great healthy option.

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