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Nawaphorn Namwan ‘Note’ Director & Designer of Crazy Fur Co., Ltd.


You may remember a few months ago that Phuketindex had a chance to introduce to readers as mart working woman. Today ‘Note’ or Nawaphorn Namwan, the young Director and smart designer of Crazy Fur is with us again to share about her personal tastes, life and style.

Beginning her day
Every morning while I’m dressing, I listen to a Buddhist sermon. I think it’s a great way to get my mind ready for anything that may come my way and to boost my energy before I set off for the day. I also like to use perfume as for me, the aroma is a kind of therapy which will make me feel good about myself. I have two favourite perfumes. The first is Coco Chanel. This perfume has a cool scent while the other one, a Versace, has ahint of coconut. Personally I like its mild touch, though others think it’s strong.

Nawaphorn Namwan ‘Note’ Director & Designer of Crazy Fur Co., Ltd.

Her mustn’t – forget items
I never ever forget my mobile phone. I have to maintain constant contact with clients and use the apps. The phone helps a lot when I’m out and about and happen to see something that inspires a new design. Then I can capture itright away. Another item is my notebook. There’s so much information going on and many thoughts are flying around myhead everyday so it’s important to note down stuff before Iforget them otherwise they’re gone for sure. 

And I really like marker pens, and definitely don’t forget them. I use them when I sketch or design something. These pensmake stuff more colourful and when I have to explain things to my team they make it easier, more colours = more fun.

Her dressing style
My style of dressing is actually quite varied. As my job is indesign it’s natural that I like to create new things and to keep mixing and matching up items. Sometimes I dress according to the mood I’m in that morning; I try mixing and matching items in my wardrobe until I get a unique theme for the day. It’s new and refreshing every day – kind of fun.

Her crazy accessories
First is my watch. I like stylish items and this watch lends both function and style. When you want to know the time, you just have to slide its cover open. The second is my bangle. I like to have something on my wrist and I like the design of this bangle. It doesn’t have to be a known brand or luxurious but something stylish. And last are my sunglasses that protect my eyes when I have to work outside.

I like to spend my leisure time exercising doing stuff like biking, jogging and keeping fit. It benefits both my physical and mental health.

Most impressive photo
The shots that impress me most are candid photo snaps when I’m focusing on my work or something like that. When I see these kind of photos I feel that I’m really into it and it gives me a lift and helps me work more. We focus because we love it – like that.

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