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Creating a World of Colours

Mika Liias
Mika Liias, Makeup Artist

Born in Sweden, 44 year old former model Mika Liias has achieved something he only began dreaming of 16 years ago. He has created his very own world of colours. Mika Liias proud owner and founder of one of the world’s most successful independent cosmetic outlets and one of the fastest growing companies of Scandinavia, Make Up Store.

During his time modeling, Mika became aware there was a serious shortage in the number of professional make up courses available to people in Sweden. Therefore, in 1990 he founded The International Make Up Centre in Sweden, which has grown to see further 2 schools open in Sweden, along with others in Finland Estonia, Norway, Thailand and most recently London. These schools employ some of the world’s best makeup artists to teach the students all the skills needed to work as a makeup artist anywhere in the world.

Creating a World of ColoursSoon after opening the first school, Mika realised students who were being taught there were unable to find good quality cosmetic products at prices they were able to afford. In fact he realised there was a gap in the market in Sweden for high quality make up.

In order to help his students, Mika first started importing better make up. This actually led him finding manufacturers, who were not only interested in and able to carry out his unique makeup ideas of creating his own complete range of cosmetic products. It was Mika’s dream to create a makeup store with great service and beautifully packaged top quality products and more importantly to create his very own world of colours.

In 1996, a basement in Stockholm became the home of the first Make Up Store. The store products were initially sold to the students at the International Make Up Centre, as well as their families and friends. Shortly after, Mika moved to his first shop, where he really stated to see his business take off. Today, there are more than 200 Make Up stores in 23 different countries.

Asked why he thought his products have become so popular Mika said “Firstly, it’s because of our front-line staff. They remain committed to this dynamic concept of Make Up Store, provide consistent and excellent service with a genuine smile. Intensive development of new products is the result of meeting customer demand for new and better products of different varieties, which keeps the Make Up Store team advancing to greater heights.”

“We have become famous for our best selling “Cover All Mix” a concealer with excellent coverage and our “Microshadows” eye shadows that “go on like cream but stay on like powder” he added.

Make up Stores products are unique in that each product is manufactured in a different factory. “Getting the best ingredients for our products is the most important factor when choosing where to have them made, not how cheap it is to manufacture them. The end results may not be the cheapest on the market, but are some of the best.” Mika commented.

“We do not claim to have the best products on the market and would not say to anyone, you must buy Make Up Stores products. People should try a range of the brands that are out there on offer to them and find the brand that best suits you as an individual” Mika advised.

Make Up Store is now not only a store which offers cosmetics, there are now also a growing number of skincare, haircare and spa products along with accessories and fragrances available from each outlet.

Asked what the future holds for Make Up Store Mika told Phuketindex “We always have and always will be a cutting edge brand. We are constantly having new and exciting ideas which we always aim to put into practice. We will continue to update our products and expand our company as quickly as is possible.”

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