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Dermatoglyphicd Analysis Center,Phuket

Dermatoglyphicd Analysis Center,Phuket and Natural Sign Tech International…… You try to ignore both Over the palms , What do you see?

This modern world change faster . Social structure was changed.People are not the Beliefs, conduct, algorithm.And unpredictable.  Today What was the inspiration for modern people is and do what  did ?

What is Dermatoglyphics ?

Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of the patterns on the fingers and hands. People have been studying each other’s palms and hands for centuries and many cultures have a history of believing that the features on the hands can provide insights into someone’s character or future.  Dermatoglyphics takes a more scientific approach, looking for features which are associated with certain disorders. A number of claims are made about dermatoglyphics,one of which are true , some of which are less so.

The formation of the hands begins very early on in fetal development. As a result, people with congenital abnormalities,  especially severe ones, often develop unusual or abnormal dermatoglyphics.

Dermatoglyphics Analysis is based on the formation and the amount of ridges on the fingerprints; dermatoglyphics analysis tells us one’s style of learning and thinking  Everyone has his/her unique fingerprints; the brain pattern grow simultaneously with the fingerprints. Each finger represents different abilities, and each pattern has its own definition, Statistics show that the accuracy rate of dermatoglyphics analysis can be up to 85%.

Dermatoglyphicd Analysis Center,Phuket

Dermatoglyphicd Analysis Center,Phuket and Natural Sign Tech International 

What can fingerprint bring you ?

fingerprint scan is like a map,Which enables the parent to understand their children’s charateristics,advantages and innate potential. The result can also induct the chidren to learn and work in the most efficient and effective way. Moreover , future major selections and occupation can also be suggested and recommended form the analysis.

Dermatoglyphics  Analysis  Procedure

  • Step 1: Apply ink on the palms and soles of the feet stamp on paper.
  • Step 2 :  Scan prints into a computer to analyze the patterns on the prints.
  • Step 3 : Calculate and analyze the number of prints in order to understand genetic sequence.
  • Step 4: Calculate ATD angle to understand one’s sensitivity and capability  of learning. Normal ATD angle should be between 38-55 degrees.
  • Step 5: Analyze one’s potential based on data.

Currently, human prints can be categorized as one of the three main types (whorls-shaped, arch-shaped, and loop-shaped). It is subdivided into eleven basic types, from which many types of analysis have been derived,some focus on the analysis of left brain and right brain,some believe that the print on each finger reflects different abilities.(Thumb ︰ action and execution; index ︰ logic and creativity; middle finger: limb motor ability and art appreciation; ring ︰ power of voice recognition; little finger ︰ text image discerning )  As for the foot pattern, it can determine whether one has congenital diseases. It is as equally important as fingerprints.

Dermatoglyphicd Analysis Center,Phuket
fingerprint arch pattern


  Simple Arch Patterns
Form: hill-shaped,curved top, no triangle was formed in with the shape.
Characteristics: hard working, introverted, cautious, works without complaint, likes to follow the steps, down to earth, do not like taking risks.



Dermatoglyphicd Analysis Center,Phuket
fingerprint loop pattern

 Ulnar Loop Patterns
Form: like a waterfall flowing towards the little finger with triangular points.
Characteristics: gentle, observant, passive, loves schedules, likes to go with the flow, little self- motivation.





Dermatoglyphicd Analysis Center,Phuket
Spiral Whorl Patterns


Spiral Whorl Patterns
Form: A spiral pattern starting from the center and move outward, has two triangular points.
Characteristics: Self motivated; Parents should encourage accordingly.

Dermatoglyphics Analyst certification training- Certified Dermatoglyphics Analyst Program- Course Outline:

  • New concepts in Learning : Introduction to Parents- Teachers- Professionals Pyrimid.
    Understand the importance of innate charachter.
  • History of Dermatoglyphics : Chao jia rong ; Traning and  Analysis Consultan
  • Scientific background of Dermatoglyphics
  • Fingerprint Classification and Characteristics : Whorl, Loop, Arch, and other accidentals.
  • Fingerprint Ridge Count : Total ridge count in relation to neuron distributionNeuron distribution of persons with learning disability Case study.
  • Neurophysiology : The fundamentals of brain physiology
  • The Application of Dermatoglyphics : Child Development , Business Strategies,Interpersonal , relationship management




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