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Divine Straightening: A Path to Healing

Divine Straightening: A Path to HealingDivine Straightening is a quantum leap into a new dimension of spiritual healing. Humanity is at the point of using the healing powers of the spirit more consciously than in the past.

We are now just at the beginning of new spiritual therapies that will have more practitioners and supporters than all previous healing practices combined.

Carolin and Alexander Toskar consider it their mission to bring healing to people, to align their spirit, and to give them access to their souls. Divine Straightening and the initiation of the healing will form the core of their healing work, which they perform with great joy and dedication. People have been receiving this unique healing treatment for over 21 years. It is a healing aid for any kind of issue and a stimulus for powerful regenerative and self-healing processes, as thousands of people already know. People come for healing treatment for different reasons. Many suffer from acute or chronic back pain, others are looking for help with allergies, depression, cancer, or high blood pressure. But there are also people who are exhausted and overwhelmed and who find a healing aid that touches and fills their soul in Divine Straightening.

Divine Straightening encompasses the whole human being. It brings balance and spiritual order to physical, mental, and emotional discomfort. The reprogramming happens in seconds without touching the body and it works on all levels simultaneously right down to the cell consciousness. One woman says, “Divine Straightening is just that in the truest sense of the word. Physical healing is just a consequence. The essence has infinite depth. It is resurrection into consciousness. Divine Straightening works independently on and on.”

The Complete Human Being Rests on the Spinal ColumnDivine Straightening: A Path to Healing

“What many people don’t realize is that problems with the spinal column affect every part of the body,” explains Carolin on a health program on Thai television. “The spinal column is the central path that energy uses to flow through the body. Energy can only flow freely through all seven chakras when the spinal column is spiritually aligned. And in turn, that ensures that life energy can take perfect care of all of the vital organs and systems.”

The chakras are located in seven places within the body and they were identified as energy centers in ancient India. They also correspond with some Chinese acupuncture points. Many Eastern methods attribute certain spiritual characteristics to any given chakra. When energy flows freely through all of the chakras along the spinal column, the body comes into balance.

After the straightening produces visible results, a person can detect a noticeably different posture after the treatment. But the benefits go far beyond that. Aside from the physical-spiritual recovery, the person’s lifestyle is improved overall by the increased energy. So Divine Straightening is open to everyone whether they are healthy or impaired, right at the start of their spiritual path or already on their way.

The expression “the body is the expression of the soul” confirms the interplay between matter and spirit. At any moment, we are the sum of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences. People often become weakened or ill due to the thoughts, dogma, or patterns of behavior that are imposed on them. Thoughts can weigh heavily on our shoulders, burden the body, and even distort it while emotions and experiences can linger and settle invisibly in our hearts for years.

The spinal column is not just a body part made of bones, tendons, and muscles that all intertwine. Information that extends to the entire body is stored in the spinal column.

The organs receive information through the spinal nerves that extend from the vertebrae and they send their own messages back through the nerves, through the spinal column and to the brain. If a vertebra is twisted or blocked by muscle tension, for instance, this entire exchange is disturbed. Muscle tension can also come from thoughts. When several vertebrae deviate sideways, stability becomes unbalanced, which is compensated for by counter-movement in other places. This movement continues up to the top two cervical vertebrae that the head sits on top of so that these can move. A lopsided pelvis can also be caused by this kind of shifting motion, which causes the legs to have different lengths. The body becomes noticeably out of order.

Back pain is considered the most widespread ailment. Everyone has it at some point in their lives. They say that up to 40% of the people in Germany have back pain on a regular basis, 20% chronically, and 70% suffer from it at least once a year. It is caused by a twisted or crooked spinal column and a pelvic tilt that has existed for years.

So let’s talk about the sacrum. The sacrum is the symbolic unification of the male and female principles: the spinal column represents the vertical, male principle, fire, and the pelvis represents the horizontal, female principles, water. Both principles are in motion in a healthy person. When we look at it that way, the sacrum is the motion through both principles. So the spinal column and the pelvis form one of the main gears inside a person.

Everything is connected to the spinal column: control centers, cells, organs, the nervous system, etc. Thoughts and feelings also correspond to the spinal column. The life force flows through the spinal column and provides the entire organism with information and healing impulses through the connected chakras. A wide range of spiritual-psychological influences and impressions can disturb this life flow. This leads to blockages and disturbances in the spinal column and therefore to disharmony and disorder on every level of one’s being. The effects of these spiritual-psychological influences on the energetic level are stagnation of movement through both the male and female principles. On the physical level, it results in the body’s equilibrium being misaligned, which can lead to various kinds of discomfort and illness.

Divine Straightening: A Path to Healing

The Prenatal Period and Its Imprint

At the start of the spiritual-psychological chain of causation is the prenatal period. Each individual cell is like its own world, an information database. Cells are mostly made of water, which is the storage medium. In a way, the body is a vehicle for the spirit, characterized by a certain genetic program. The experiences and thoughts of the expectant parents and the society are superimposed on this program as an embryo, later through the lived experiences and thoughts of childhood, but also through imposed belief systems. They manifest like microshocks in the spinal column and the consciousness. And so over the course of a lifetime, step by step until adulthood, the essence becomes alienated. These shocks accumulate around the spinal column like an invisible corset. So disorder comes out of the original goodness of the initial information.

Divine Straightening: The Way to Heal the Spirit

Alexander ToskarThe heart of Divine Straightening is establishing order in people. Establishing the cosmic order means becoming whole, making something complete, restoring the inner unity of body, mind, and soul as well as unity with the entire living world and with the spirit of life that is the basis for everything. This is because when we open ourselves to Divine Straightening and connect with the divine power current, illness and disharmony and the causes of illness and disharmony resolve themselves. It is a foundation for the power of God that created us and that spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically nourishes and preserves us.

The healing will is powerfully initiated in people through Divine Straightening. It encompasses the whole human being and brings them into greater harmony with the universe. The new life program happens simultaneously on many levels from which the overall healing of heart–mind–spirit–body unfolds. The initiation of the straightening happens in just one single encounter, without touching the body, without manipulation, and in seconds. The time continuum that the consciousness and spinal column pass through is unlocked, the spirit is aligned, and the soul is freed from microshocks from the past and the prenatal phase.

For me, the physical turning back was like getting a blank sheet of paper. It was as if everything, all of the old patterns that had characterized me were erased. And it left me able to follow up on a lot of physical activities. I could enjoy yoga or kung fu because it was comfortable. … That was the most exciting thing for me.” That’s what Dean Hoshizaki from Seattle had to say in his documentary film Divine Straightening.

The interdimensional brain functions can be activated through Divine Straightening in such a way that they transmit information about changes in cellular structure, helping the brain processes and bodily functions to be completely redirected.

“I feel like I’ve been reborn. Lying down, sitting, standing, walking I can sense this amazing flow in my back,” writes one participant after her treatment. The person’s entire awareness becomes spiritualized by the high frequencies of the straightening and streams through every cell and the cell consciousness. The matrix goes through healing changes and reorients the cells’ chronological memory mechanisms.

The gears of the spinal column and pelvis are freed from stagnation and the male and female energies within them come harmoniously back into motion. The physical spinal column is straightened, the pelvic alignment is corrected, and the chakras are adjusted and their higher aspects activated.

Thoughts and feelings are also filled with the frequencies of Divine Straightening so that a person can activate the information in his or her everyday life in the form of inspiration, motivation, self-awareness, and much more. “I feel incomparably better since the straightening. I have more physical and mental power and I’m just happier in my core. And I have a lot more power to devote myself in love to my fellow human beings. For that I am grateful from the depths of my soul for the divine power that works through you.”

“As soon as the healing impulse starts, all of a person’s body levels are straightened and the Divine Order is produced within them!” says the initiator Pjotr Elkunoviz. That, he believed, is essentially what it depends on. It is worth fixing the evolutionary pelvic tilt, also known as the natural tilt of the human being.

Once the foundation is put back in line, other changes will start to develop weeks later. Sara Davenport thought her treatment was extraordinary: “I was standing there with my eyes closed and I could literally feel how the energy was running down my entire spinal column. … Now two years have gone by and I haven’t been back to the osteopath. I haven’t had any more pain since then. „Another client reported back that, “incidentally, it seems as if my food allergies, apples and lactose intolerance, just disappeared!”

“The results may seem supernatural, but maybe we just don’t know enough about it,” says Dr. Jakkriss, director at Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health and president of Thailand’s Foundation for Development of Complementary-Alternative Medicine. “Life energy is nothing new for Asians, but the source of that energy has to be verified and proven. This treatment could be an effective option for people who are looking for healing.”

This kind of spiritual healing is compared to a miracle again and again. But it always depends on people’s help. Habits and circumstances occasionally have to be changed so that healing can be complete. In the treatments themselves, it is a matter of how responsibly a person treats him- or herself and the impulse to change. That is why those seeking help are given their first spiritual exercises at the session and the preservation of their health is symbolically transferred into their own hands. One participant describes it by saying that, “I was able to take a lot of wonderful and illuminating knowledge with me that warmed my heart and expanded and enriched my mind.”

Anyone who would like to deepen these abilities will find clear guidance toward stimulating their own healing powers in the guidebook Health as a Path. It provides a selection of essential spiritual knowledge and communicates it with numerous practical exercises and illustrations. Because being spiritually healthy means actively shaping your life and being interested in the laws that promote and ensure that health is maintained in everyday life. Health always arises wherever the light is consciously expanded and attentiveness and power are linked to the healthful and the healing.

May every human being become what he or she really is – spiritual, complete, and healthy.

About the AuthorsAbout the Authors

Carolin and Alexander Toskar operate worldwide as spiritual healers and ambassadors for Divine Straightening and the Spiritual Health Foundation. They make Divine Straightening accessible to a wide range of people in their healing centers in Munich and Zurich as well as regular travel. Their Spiritual Health Foundation was founded in 2010. All foundation projects are voluntarily supervised and have the mission to support the development of spiritual health and wellbeing of children and dependent people.

To be able to offer an informative introduction of their work, a DVD is now available for the first time. A fascinating documentary that proves the impact of spirit on matter in an impressive way! With spiritual exercises for daily practice.

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