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Dokudami’s most incredible achievement

Dokudami’s most incredible achievement

Khun K (full name withheld) was in his last stage of Aids when he was first introduced to Dokudami. He had been told by doctors in the hospital that he would die within two weeks and suggested the terminally ill patient return home to die peacefully surrounded by his family and close friends. His CD 4 levels had fallen below 10 and even sitting up straight in bed was a big effort.

Khun K comes from a very poor family in the north east of Thailand and could not afford to buy Dokudami. So, as a gesture of good will, company founder Mr. Aswin gave him the product for free.

Khun K was so weak that we decided to start with 1 ml twice a day and increase the dosage every 3 to 4 days until he reached the normal dosage of 5 ml.

Look at the pictures below, they are self explanatory. Today Khun K is completely healed from the AIDS virus, he is even HIV negative, has regained his normal weight and thanks to Dokudami has a new lease of life.

Khun K has become a Dokudami Ambassador and appears regularly on stages around the country and during seminars hosted by the company to testify to their enthusiastic audiences why he is still alive today.

The doctors in the hospitals call him “a miracle of the Buddha” but really he is “a miracle of Dokudami”.

From full blown aids and only 10 days away from death to a full recovery!

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About Dokudami

Dokudami is an all-natural liquid herbal supplement that strengthens and activates your body’s immune system. The mixture is made of carefully selected indigenous natural ingredients, including Houttuynia Cordata Thunb and naturally occurring probiotics.

Its unique fermentation process yields a supplement that can bring the body back into balance through activating its natural PROBIOTIC RESPONSE. This helps create an optimum environment for receiving essential nutrients and cultivating good health.

Our administrative office which is handling the e-commerce is located in Bangkok at the following address:

54/37 Pracha-Uthit soi 33 Yaek 4, Bangmod, Thung Kru, Bangkok 10140 Thailand
t: +66 81 205 0575 f: +66 2 872 98 22 e:

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