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Dokudami – Sustainable Farming for a Sustainable World

Dokudami - Sustainable Farming for a Sustainable World

The farm where the natural herbs and plants used in the production of Dokudami liquid supplement are grown is located in Thailand’s Lopburi Province. Chainarai Farm has been set up both as a center for teaching sustainable farming methods to Thai farmers, and as an innovative center for biosynergistic farming methods. Over 30 different herbs are grown on the land. The cultivation process uses all sustainable methods, with an emphasis on keeping the land and wildlife in a natural state. Patches of forest break up the growing fields, and many of the herbs for the Dokudami mixture are harvested in these wild terrains throughout the year.
Dokudami - Sustainable Farming for a Sustainable World
Chainarai’s 30-plus farmers are trained in sustainable farming methods, a combination of modern science and native wisdom they call biosynergism. Farmers live in homes provided for them within walking distance of the farm. Meals are taken together at harvest time with members of the Prolac International team from Bangkok or Chiang Mai, who often come to Chainarai to participate in the process and enjoy the good food.

Dokudami natural herbal supplement is the result of the care and attention that is given to its ingredients from the very first planting. At Chainarai, they are gaining skills that they can use to sustain life and nourish themselves and the planet.

Dokudami for Cancer

About Dokudami

Dokudami is an all-natural liquid herbal supplement that strengthens and activates your body’s immune system. The mixture is made of carefully selected indigenous natural ingredients, including Houttuynia Cordata Thunb and naturally occurring probiotics.

Its unique fermentation process yields a supplement that can bring the body back into balance through activating its natural PROBIOTIC RESPONSE. This helps create an optimum environment for receiving essential nutrients and cultivating good health.

Our administrative office which is handling the e-commerce is located in Bangkok at the following address:

54/37 Pracha-Uthit soi 33 Yaek 4, Bangmod, Thung Kru, Bangkok 10140 Thailand
t: +66 81 205 0575 f: +66 2 872 98 22 e:

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