Sawit Ketroj (Mai) – CEO of Emerald Development Group
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Sawit Ketroj (Mai) – CEO of Emerald Development Group

A family man who tries his best to live a balanced life

The family man side
Sawit Ketroj is CEO of the one of the most talked-about and rising real estate developers on the island. Aside from his work life, Phuketindex chatted with him to fi nd out about the other sides of his life and how he relaxes. “I did a lot in the past; ranging from offi ce worker, to an executive position, not to mention being a freelancer. I did it all. But now I have my own little family my main leisure time is reserved for them and playing with my son.”

Sawit Ketroj or K. Mai is trying his best to live a balanced life. “When the business day is over I prefer to spend time with my family. When my son has gone to sleep, then it’s time for me to catch up with social networks or to relax with a nice book. My favourite reads are about business and self-improvement.”

Sawit Ketroj (Mai) - CEO of Emerald Development Group

Sawit Ketroj (Mai) - CEO of Emerald Development Group

Sawit Ketroj (Mai) - CEO of Emerald Development Group

His ‘must-do’ routine
He has a lot of responsibilities and employees as well as clients but he also takes time out to take care of himself. “Every morning after I get up, I spend some time taking care of my facial skin. My friends recommended many diff erent brands but what impressed me most was SK-II for Men. I also put sunscreen on.”

His dress style
“I stick to comfortable clothes. It’s all about my job. I have to inspect construction sites and show customers around sometimes that means I need clothes that are all-round. Jeans as well as dark tone polo shirts with sneakers. And a suit jacket for more formal situations like business meetings or fi nancial proposal. Living in Phuket, I must admit that it’s only on rare occasions that I wear a suit. But if that’s the case, I love to look cool in a stylish suit.”

His favourite cuisine
“I like European cuisine. My favourite is Italian cuisine. I like its variety and I think it is an art form.”

Sawit Ketroj (Mai) - CEO of Emerald Development Group

His favourite item
“I wear a watch sometimes but I’m not so interested in accessories. I’d prefer a good briefcase in which to carry important documents and paperwork.” My favourite item is my Yoga Laptop. It’s very slim and lightweight, and comes with a touchscreen monitor and is a lot diff erent from what I’m used to. It’s capable of so much it became my favourite. I also have an iPad for my downtime which I use for reading online articles or e-books, business news and self-improvement articles. Mainly these are the two items that I use the most.”

His favourite place to go
“I travel quite a lot because of my business and I’d really like to visit New York. The city has a lot of modern and beautiful architecture which I wish to explore.”

His childhood dream
“As I remember I always wished to be a sportsman. I liked to watch sports and dreamed of being a member of a national sports team representing Thailand to win in international football or volleyball. So now I try to have fun every time I have a chance to play, imagining that I’m in the national team. I play football and volleyball and I used to be a member of a youth team. I also swim. If I can’t get together a team for football or volleyball, swimming is what I do.”

His one-year plan
“When you talk about plans for the year ahead, a lot of people might have thoughts about business but my goal is kind of simple. I wish to have a second child. We only have one kid now but I think about having another one within a year. That’s the plan!”


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