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Fly Between Centuries Old Trees @ Flying Hanuman

Flying Hanuman

If you want to see the true natural beauty Phuket has to offer, forget about elephant trekking. Phuket’s newest and only 100% eco-friendly adventure has arrived.

Flying Hanuman, having only been open since late December 2011, is already a massive hit with both local and tourist alike.

Flying Hanuman

Spread over 80,000 square meters of natural forested land Flying Hanuman is an adventure tip offering a fun factor like no other on the island. Nature within this natural maze has been left untouched and here the forest becomes a magical place where you really cannot get to nature.

For this ultimate jungle experience you will climb to custom made platforms, set up to 40 meters high up in the trees and surrounded by natural beauty. From these platforms you will zipline, at speed of up to 60 kilometers per hour, to another platform far away in the distance, the longest zipline distance being 400 meters. It is from these platforms and ziplines that you will be provided with the most stunning views of what this island really has to offer, with an untouched area bearing a variety of fruit trees.

During your experience, you will also visit platforms that are reached either by sky bridges or abseiling down trees of heights of more than 40 meters.

If you decide to visit Flying Hanuman, which we highly recommend you do, you will be amazed at how such an experience has been thought out, let alone actually put together. This is a once in a lifetime experience that visitors to the island are now lucky enough to be able to participate in.

Skytrek Adventures Co Ltd
89/16 Moo 6, Soi Namtok Kathu, Wichitsongkram Rd, Kathu, Thailand 83120
Enquires Tel: +66 (0) 76 32 3264-5
Fax: +6 (0) 66 76 32 3233
Reservations: +66 (0) 81 979 2332
Email: play@flyinghanuman.com

Nature is the one who decided!

 Duangpon Hanseree
Duangpon Hanseree

In March 2011, 23 year old Duangpon Hanseree received a bachelor’s degree of Architecture with 1st Class Honours, with a gold medal (which means 1st rank of 1st Class Honours, from a 5 years summary), and she has also won prizes from architectural design contests and academic awards.

In July 2011 Duangpon joined Habita Architects, one of Bangkok’s leading architectural firms. On her first day on the job, she was handed a brochure about ziplines and an email from Chanintat “Mon” Pachantabutr , GM of Skytrek Adventures Co Ltd (the company behind Phuket’s Flying Hamuman) and told her first official project was to design bamboo constructions suitable for this adventure tour, set in Phuket’s rainforest.

Phuketindex.com was lucky enough to meet Duangpon and ask how she went about designing such a unique project.

How did you decide on the concept of design for this project?

The first thing that really caught my attention was massive rocks. I saw a line of these sitting giants and thought of creating a journey through them, creating a tunnel which opens out to nature. This is where the entrance lobby would start. I thought about ascending and subtractive space, also fusing in and out. I saw a bending chamber hiding between the huge stones and leading out to the inner court yard, which is where the activity flows.

After that, I would say nature is the one who decided. All the buildings’ positions, layout shapes and scales were placed respectfully to every tree, so none would be cut.

How does this project differ from what you learnt in university?

Everything is different; because this was my first officially project in the real field. I studied public buildings, sloped land, and nature, but previously only on paper. The biggest difference is that it’s built! Anyway I could tell this was a rare project, due to its adventure purpose. This building concept is hardly seen, the unique forest site, the owner’s vision and the Hanuman. This was also my first time designing a structure using bamboo. I studied and got to know bamboo from the beginning. Fortunately, I had Khun Suntan, Habita’s specialist bamboo architect, who could advise me about the basic principles of bamboo constructions and joining techniques.

What is your favourite feature of the project?

The nature! This doesn’t only mean the surroundings, but also the architecture; it is the ‘touch’. Just stand there and feel it, you’ll know what I mean once you have seen the venue.

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