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Fly safely with Flying Hanuman

Fly safely with Flying Hanuman

Ziplining is an exciting sport! Of course, some of you may have concerns, but there really is no need to worry! At Flying Hanuman, your experience will be overseen by a team of experienced Guide Leaders, and for the whole journey you will be secure in the knowledge that you are wearing the best safety equipment that money can buy. At Flying Hanuman, safety is just as important as having fun.

Who are Guide Leaders? Guide Leaders are knowledgeable staff trained by experts from France, they teach you how to use the equipment and take care of you during your zipline experience. Safety equipment such as harnesses, pulleys, and helmets are an absolute must for every guest at Flying Hanuman. Of course, that means Guide Leaders at Flying Hanuman have great knowledge about and are experts on the required equipment. Moreover, they are the ones who lead you through the maze of ziplines, something they have done on numerous occasions. Being a Guide Leader is not easy and requires a lot of qualifications. Every Guide Leader at Flying Hanuman is physically healthy. Not only do they take care of your safety, they will also entertain you during your journey, making the whole experience more exciting. Great decision-making skills are another requirement of Guide Leaders at Flying Hanuman. As mentioned earlier, you might think ziplining is risky; but these Guide Leaders are there to make decisions, reducing any risk that may arise.

Why Flying Hanuman? Because safety is important! Slings at Flying Hanuman are checked and maintained every morning, and changed every 6-8 months. Equipment is of the highest standard and imported from France. In addition, Flying Hunuman holds an insurance policy which covers each and every one of its guest. Each participant is required to read and sign a safety document prior to commencing their journey.

If you’re fit, over the age of 4, and weigh less than 120 kilograms, you can enjoy flying through ziplines with Flying Hanuman. However, if you’re pregnant or have mental or physical illnesses, you are not allowed to take part in the Flying Hanuman experience.

Guide Leaders at Flying Hanuman would like to invite you to fly with them and enjoy everything Flying Hanuman has to offer. They’re at your service and ready to make your experience a lasting memory of your time here in Phuket.

Are you ready to fly through forests and experience Phuket’s wilderness? If you are, fly with Flying Hanuman!

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