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Flying Hanuman – Together Everyone Achieves More

Flying Hanuman – Together Everyone Achieves More

Following its launch in Phuket, Flying Hanuman has created a new adventure tourism phenomenon with its unique way of experiencing Phuket’s untouched jungle and proving that the island has so much more to enjoy that just sea, sun and sand.

Flying Hanuman takes you on a voyage of discovery not from the ground, but in the air as you soar above, through and below the leaves on ziplines. You are accompanied on this adventure by professional zipline guides who ensure your safety and allow you to enjoy the scenery and excitement to their fullest. Highlights on the course include 28 custom-built wooden platforms, all with safety lines, a 400 meter zipline that provides spectacular views and takes you over 40 meters above ground level, a 40 meter abseil down a centuries old tree and more.

Flying Hanuman was the original zipline adventure in Phuket; however, many have followed in their footpath, but Flying Hanuman continues to be the leader with international standard safety and a range of unique activities. This statement can be backed up by the sheer number of customers who visit Flying Hanuman, which are increasing month on month and year on year, and by the attention it has gained from media from around the world.

In this issue of Phuketindex.com magazine we show you an unseen side of Flying Hanuman which has never been revealed before. Find out more in the following pages!

Flying Hanuman – Together Everyone Achieves More

“We are the world, we are the children”

Khun Siwaporn Poochanasri (Kungnang) – General Manager of Flying Hanuman

Flying Hanuman – Together Everyone Achieves More

“We believe that local society is an important part of our success and we recognize that we have received many opportunities due to the local community. Flying Hanuman likes to be seen as part of this community and to create opportunities for the community in return. It is our aim to bring smiles to the faces of everyone, especially disadvantaged groups. In 2013, the management team and staff of Flying Hanuman decided to partake in social activities to help and deliver happiness to children of The Kathu Special Edition Center, a place that opened to take care of children with special needs. Now, on a regular basis, the team goes to the centre to take food and sing and paint with the kids as well as donate money. It’s as though they’ve been waiting for this chance for a life time as the center is not taken care of enough by the government. It’s an amazing experience for our team to see the joy the children get from our visits, and we are committed to encouraging these children to continue to live with courage and faith. We’ve been so much luckier in our lives and we understand that giving and sharing to those less fortunate is something very precious for both the giver and receiver.

Flying Hanuman – Together Everyone Achieves More

Flying Hanuman – Together Everyone Achieves More

“Every single one of us different, and we are all meant for greatness. The only thing is, not all of us will find that greatness, and use it to change the world. It starts with passion, the passion to improve, to build, to change, If you’re not passionate about something, anything, then you’re not on track to find what you were put on this earth to discover, your purpose. Always remember though, that if you have a heartbeat and air in your lungs, you still have a purpose”

Hanuman Volunteers

Flying Hanuman – Together Everyone Achieves More

Pornpan Theppipat (Gift) – Sales Manager

“One of the songs we sing regularly is ‘We are the world’, the reason we chose this song is because it has such a good meaning and we need to communicate to the children that they have not been abandoned, and that there are those of us who care about them and want to make them happy.”

Flying Hanuman – Together Everyone Achieves More

Phusanisa Chimthap (June) – Reception

“I’m so pleased that we have the opportunity to help these kids and I can actually feel their gratitude that someone is going to visit and spend time with them doing activities. I now understand the importance of doing work like this and I actually intend to go to meet with the children in my own free time and donate what little I can to make a difference for these kids lives.”

Flying Hanuman – Together Everyone Achieves More

Anuruk Agsornchai (Tee) – Guide Manager

“In life, we think of ourselves too much. I believe that what we should be doing more in our lives is giving. We live in a society where people are a lot worse off than ourselves, and society should pay more attention to those that are in more need than us.”

Team Guide

Flying Hanuman – Together Everyone Achieves More

Supachai Kleangkhan (Bike)

“I would like to thank Flying Hanuman for doing this activity. It has made all the business’ employees work more closely together and we have got to know each other in a completely different way. It’s good that we can be more honest with each other and do something good together.”

Flying Hanuman – Together Everyone Achieves More

Pipat Pupanna (Phat)

“I must admit that I have never done any charity with children before and have never really thought about doing so. However, since we have started helping out at the center it has really changed my attitude, I now realise how valuable we can be and how we can help others in so many different ways.”

Flying Hanuman – Together Everyone Achieves More

Vatpisit Phermphoon (Games)

“I’m so glad that I’ve had an opportunity to help and encouraging the staff at the Kathu Special Edition Center. They have so few people at the center that it’s not easy for them to take care of nearly one hundred children with special needs. It is these people who sacrifice so much, and I want them to know that I respect them very much.”

The Kathu Special Education Center in Phuket caters for disabled, autistic and deaf children from ages four to sixteen. The centre has a number of volunteering opportunities and need to donations from you.

Location: 75/5 Moo 5 Vichitsongkram Road, Kathu, Phuket
Tel: 076 319 062 / 076 321 249

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