Food Recipes: Nai Yang “surf ‘n’ turf”

Food Recipes: Nai Yang “surf ‘n’ turf”

Nai Yang “surf ‘n’ turf”: Grilled Beef tenderloin with deep fried softshell crab and green asparagus.

– 180 g Beef Tenderloin
– 1 pc Soft shell crab from Nai Yang
– 100 g Green Asparagus
– 50 ml red wine
– 50 ml beef stock
– 10 g cold butter
– 1 liter oil for deep frying
– Salt
– Pepper
– Flour

– Seasoning the steak with salt and pepper and rest for 2 min.

– Heat up the grill pan and fried the steak with a bit of oil from each side for 2 min take the steak out and wrap it in aluminum foil and let rest again.

– Blow up the pan with the red wine and reduce to half now blow up with the stock and add salt and pepper to your taste. Reduce again on medium heat.

– Blanch the asparagus in salt water. Bring the oil in a pot and heat up till 175 C dip the crab in the flour and deep fry till the shell is crispy.

– Take the cold butter and stir under the red wine sauce.

– Take out the steak from the foil and present on a hot plate.

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