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Home Swimming Pools – All you need to know

Home Swimming Pools - All you need to know

Unfortunately, not every home here has its own swimming pool, and for those people who don’t have that luxury, for whatever reason, but who love to swim, do have the option of a public pool. However, sometimes visiting a public pool has its disadvantages – whether it’s traffic jams on the route to the pool, overcrowded pools, or a lack privacy. However, for some, but by no means all, there is another option, building a pool at home. Having a pool at home brings many benefits, it’s an exercise place for the family, it’s a great relaxation area, it adds value to and enhances the look of your home, and it can also use up some unused land space. Today, the construction of a swimming pool can be done for many budgets, and they are a lot easier to maintain than in the past.

Home Swimming Pools - All you need to know

Check before building

For those considering having a pool built at home the first thing that must be done is to decide on the type of pool you’d like and its dimensions, and of course that it will fit in the space you want to use. A home on a piece of land sized 50 square wah is adequate for a home swimming pool. Obviously the pool does not need to be large, but it definitely shouldn’t be too small.

Then you need to decide just how much you can afford to spend, to select a reputable builder you can work with, and no negotiate a contract that accurately describes what you want to build.

Obviously, you’ll want a quality swimming pool, one that meets most if not all of your needs, at a price you can afford. Your costs will depend on the type of swimming pool, the quality of materials and workmanship, and the competitive market.

The way you arrange to have the swimming pool built will also affect the costs.

Pool Structures

Concrete and Reinforced Swimming Pools

Pros; strength and long service life, larger choice of styles and shapes, wider choice of materials, finishes and trims.

Cons; more expensive and takes longer to construct.

Usage; suitable for all types of homes because they can design to be in harmony with the house style. There is a technology that can be used to help reduce the time it takes to build; ready-made wall formworks can also be used. Building time approximately 10-20 days, depending on size, style and shape.

Composite Pool

Pros: economical, quicker to install, uses less construction area.

Cons; limited shapes and sizes, less finishing and trim options.

Usage; suitable for homes with limited space, can build small or medium pool sizes.


Shape of Pool


Possible shapes are as follows: rectangular, octagonal, hexagonal and circular. Rectangular are most popular because they use less space than other shapes, are more compatible with the shape of most homes, and they are more simple to construct, thus being more cost budget friendly.

Free Form

Suitable for houses with wider spaces, the curved shape makes it possible to have a landscaped surrounding.
Swimming Pool Maintenance

Before creating a pool, you should consider the maintenance involved. Swimming pools need regular maintenance, i.e. regular clearing of leaves in the pool and overflow gutters, daily removal of sediments in the pool, regular checking of PH and alkali levels, and regular checks on the pool’s filtration system ensuring crystal clear water. If you want to reduce the burden of maintenance on yourself ensure you use a company who provides a good aftercare and maintenance service.

Pricing in Phuket

The most popular sized pools for single houses and small villas are 3.5m x 7m or 8m x 4m for concrete and reinforced concrete pools, and costs start range from 500,000 baht to one million depending on the construction materials and maintenance systems. Composite pools start from 500,000-600,000 baht.

After construction warranty periods vary from 5-15 years depending on the company used.

Those considering having a pool built should research the basic information about building a pool at home prior to consulting pool constructors, choose a trustworthy company, and check any contract prior to commencement of work.

Many thanks to Khun Wiroj from Inter Pool Spa for his input into this article.
www.interpoolspa.co.th or call 081 815 5934


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