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Homemade Houttuynia Cordata Lotion

Homemade Houttuynia Cordata LotionA fair number of teenagers in rural Japan worry about, and suffer from outbreaks of atopic dermatitis, an inflammation of the skin which can often make the sufferer of atopic dermatitis feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. However, as pharmaceutical products are no so widely available in such areas, one of the most popular methods used to reduce the problem is to apply a homemade Houttuynia cordata lotion.

The formula to make this lotion, which has been passed from generation to generation, is simple yet very effective.

To make a Houttuynia cordata lotion simply fill a jar with raw Houttuynia cordata leaves and add Japanese shochu liquor to the leaves. Store in a dark, cool place for a month until it turns to a clear brown liquid. Add a few drops of grycerin and the lotion is made.

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