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Houttuynia cordata drink to prevent flu

Houttuynia cordata drink to prevent fluTraditional Chinese medicinal practitioners usually have between 100-200 natural medicinal substances in their shops one of being Houttuynia cordata. Houttuynia cordata is used by a number of Chinese to add variety to their diets as it helps to prevent degenerative diseases. Furthermore, when mixed with other medicinal substances and drunk it also helps to prevent flu. Below is a traditional Chinese herbal which recipe which helps prevents flu that has Houttuynia cordata as an ingredient.

10g Mulberry leaves
10g Dried chrysanthemum
10g Loquat leaves
13g Kudzu Root
13g Raw Chinese barley
13g Reed Rhizome
10g Forsythia Fruit
13g Isatis Leaf
10g Honeysuckle Flower
8g Rugose Giant Hysop Herb
10g Houttuynia cordata
4g Licorice root
2 litres water

Place all ingredients into a saucepan, heat and boil for 15 minutes.

To be drunk once a day for three days. Give children a smaller dosage. Not suitable for pregnant women or those with a cold stomach.

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