An interview with President of International Women’s Foundation – Wipa Tanmanatragul
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An interview with President of International Women’s Foundation – Wipa Tanmanatragul

Phuketindex is honored to present an interview with Khun Wipa Tanmanatagul, the President of one of Phuket’s oldest charity organizations. For years, she has dedicated her time and efforts together with other members and donors to bring needy students a brighter future under the name of the Phuket International Women’s Foundation and Phuket International Women’s Club (PIWC).

Please tell us about the foundation

“The foundation was created by a group of ladies headed by myself. We work with the Phuket International Women’s Club which is a social club of committee members. Dr.Thirawat Jewpakanont is Director of the foundation. He’s a former student of PIWC, a graduate of the Prince of Songkla University medical school and he’s now taking his postgraduate degree at Chulalongkorn University in order to become a heart specialist.

“The foundation was officially registered last year on May 9, 2017. Its objective is to give opportunities to needy students by providing funds for further education so that they’ll have a better career and profession in the future. We also look forward to cooperating with other charity organizations on the island and helping others serve the community as well. Our foundation has a clear standing point in that we will not engage in any political activity.”

What about the working culture in the foundation?

“We’re working closely with the Phuket International Women’s Club, founded over 25 years ago. I used to be the President and currently I hold the position of scholarship chairwoman.

“The foundation and the club work closely together. The Phuket International Women’s Club will hold some fundraising events and the foundation will then select a candidate for scholarship, a good student and one who serves well the purpose of the donors.”

What is the greatest challenge that the charity is facing?

“There are many charity organizations here in Phuket so it’s quite tough to get people to donate and to raise funds to carry on the work of the foundation. But we’re lucky to get the support of the Phuket Hotels Association. We’re helping them select a candidate who would study in the Hotel Management and Tourism sphere. They trust us because we work transparently.”

It’s a great honor for us to have this opportunity to speak with Maggy Wigman Bildgen, the present President of Phuket International Women’s Club.

About Maggy Wigman Bildgen – President of Phuket International Women’s Club

Maggy Wigman Bildgen is the present President of the Phuket International Women Club. She’s originally from Luxemburg and has been living in Phuket for 14 years.

She says, “I wanted to give something back to the community which is what the PIWC is doing. We’re supporting Thai students with a scholarship for those who are not able to pay for their studies and we’ve been doing this for almost 20 years now.

Maggy Wigman Bildgen is the present President of the Phuket International Women Club.

How about upcoming events?

“The last one was in February so the next one will be roughly in a year’s time and I think we’ll probably hold it in January 2019. Everyone is welcome to attend the event. The entrance ticket will include a buffet, one free drink and entertainment.”

For those interested in helping you can easily donate through the International Women’s Foundation. Suitable candidates will be selected by the foundation to give a better life for unfortunate but worthy students.

“In my experience, they are very good but lack funds. That’s what this foundation is set up for.”


Donate to help needy students with Phuket International Women’s Club to the bank account below:
มูลนิธิสตรีนานาชาติ (Phuket International Women’s Club)
Bank: Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited
Account no. 633-286811-2 (Savings account)






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