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Introducing Plug & Play

Introducing Plug & PlayLet us introduce you to Danica, Danilo and Robert. This trio is a group of young vibrant Filipino musicians with a flair for music who go by the name of “Plug & Play”, a new age acoustic group who are the resident band of Phuket’s The KEE Resort & Spa Patong. Their fresh and catchy tunes work up a fine, mighty good sound with all three providing vocals, Danica playing percussion, and Danilo & Robert being dynamic guitarists. Danica, Danilo and Robert totally live up to their name “Plug and Play” as they give life to music from the saucy era of the 70’s right up to the hot tunes of today.

Phuketindex.com recently managed to talk to Plug & Play prior to them hitting The KEE Resort’s Sky Lounge stage to find out more about them.

Introducing Plug & PlayHow long have you all known each other & how did you meet?
Danica “Danilo & I am brother and sister so we’ve known each other all our lives, Robert is my partner and we met a few years ago on Thailand’s Koh Samui Island when we were both resident musicians at different resorts.”

When did you form your band?
Danica “Danilo, my older brother and I actually formed Plug & Play back in 2007 in the Philippines where we performed in various resorts around the country. However, we were very restricted in the music that we could play so we decided to try to venture outside of the Philippines. We were lucky to find a residency in a resort in Dubai but the process of obtaining work permits was never straightforward so after a year we decided to try in Thailand, we managed to find work in a resort in Chaweng in Koh Samui which is when we met Robert and asked him to join the band.”

How did you end up at The KEE Resort & Spa?
Robert “When we all first met on Koh Samui I was working at a different resort to Danica & Danilo. When they decided to ask me to join Plug & Play we knew that we would have to look for an alternative residency as a trio as neither of the resorts we worked for wanted us as a trio, they wanted to keep us as we were. We searched on the internet and saw that The KEE was looking for as resident band so we decided to contact them.”
Danilo “After contacting The KEE they wanted us to come and audition and that meant putting on a full show for the hotel guests and also the Food & Beverage Manager, the person who would actually make the decision as to whether The KEE wanted us or not. Luckily he was impressed with our performance and told us immediately he wanted us to come and work here. We returned to Samui, packed all our things and moved here to Phuket. That was three years ago now and we’re very happy that we’re still here now.”

Is there as specific genre of music you like to play?
Danica “As a group we don’t have a specific style of music we like to play, we like all genres of music so that’s what we try to carry through into our performances. Also, The KEE has such a varied style of guests that we have to cater for everybody, and that suits us just fine.”

Introducing Plug & PlayIf there was one style of music you could play what would it be?
Danilo “For me personally I would like to perform more alternative songs.”
Robert “I would have to say modern rock.”
Danica “I love, and think my voice is very suited for Jazz Blues.”

If you weren’t doing music what would you be doing?
Danica “For me, I would be a nurse. Before I started on my musical career I was training to become a nurse back in the Philippines. If there comes a day when I can no longer perform in the band I will go back and finish my studies and become a qualified nurse.”
Robert “I really don’t know what i would be doing to be honest. But if I had to say a job I think I would be a computer programmer or technician.”
Danilo “I would be working in the advertising industry for sure. When we were performing in Koh Samui I actually returned to the Philippines to finish my studies. I actually tried to find work in advertising after finishing at University but was unsuccessful and i decided that I would follow my sister and return to the band.”

Introducing Plug & PlayHow does your life in Phuket compare to that where you come from?
Danica “I actually believe the lifestyle we have here would be very similar to that in the Philippines. However, the main reason we wanted to work in another country was to learn more genres of music. In the Philippines we were restricted to singing in two languages, Filipino & English, whereas in the time that we’ve spent in Thailand we’ve learnt to sing songs in Korean, Japanese, Latin and Spanish. Although it takes us some time to learn the songs the end result is very rewarding, and it certainly makes the resort guests from those countries very happy.”

If there was one artist you could work with, who would it be and why?
Danica “I can’t say there’s one particular artist I’d like to perform with, but I do admire the real divas of music such as Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, and I’d really like to watch them up close and see how they perform, how they sing and how they get their voice to do what it does.”
Robert “I would have to say American singer-songwriter and producer John Mayer, I like the variety of music he can perform.”
Danilo “Mine would have to be Eric Clapton; he knows how to play a number of instruments, and he’s such a classic recording artist and performer. He is one of the most important and influential guitarists of all time having started playing professionally in 1962, and he’s the only three-time inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I think for any budding guitarist, like me, to play alongside Eric Clapton would be an amazing experience and a dream come true.

Introducing Plug & PlayWhat are your hopes for the future of ‘Plug & Play?’
Danilo “To be totally honest, we are happy doing what we’re doing right now and we hope that we can continue to perform as Plug & Play for as long as possible. However, we would really like to have an opportunity to play in different countries and to share our music with a wider audience.”
Danica “We get great satisfaction from doing what we do and we love the reaction that we get from the guests here at The KEE. Many guests know us very well now as The KEE has a large number of repeat guests and to them we are part of The KEE family.”

It’s not only guests of The KEE Resort & Spa who can get to enjoy the sounds of Plug & Play; The KEE Sky Lounge is also used to welcoming outside guests. Why not head down to The KEE Resort on any Monday to Saturday night and hear them perform, they usually hit the stage at around 7.30 – 8.00pm.

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