KidZania : Giving kids a learning experience to learn fun role-playing

KidZania : Giving kids a learning experience to learn fun role-playing


Giving kids a learning experience to learn fun role-playing.

KidZania Worldwide
KidZania was founded in 1996 by Mr.Xavier Lopez Ancona who dreamed of creating a place where kids could have fun while enjoying real-life experiences. The fi rst KidZania site was opened in 1999 in Mexico City as an edutainment centre for kids aged 4 – 14 years focusing on giving youngsters an entertaining learning experience through role playing of the profession they want to pursue in the future such as being apilot, doctor, actor, fire fighter, police officer, reporter, etc. while igniting creative thinking and instilling awareness of the need to join together to make a better world.

The name KidZania comes from combining the word ‘kid’ (short for the German word ‘kinder’ or children), with the Latin suffi x ‘ania’ meaning ‘land of’ while the letter ‘z’ comes from ‘zany”, which means ‘witty’ or ‘cool’.

KidZania currently has over 20 countries, including Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, India, Egypt ,Philippines, Porturgal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, SouthKorea, Turkey, United Arab Emirates(Dubai), United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile,Indonesia and Thailand “KidZania Bangkok is the largest indoor KidZania in the world”.

More than 42 million children have benefited from KidZania facilities around the world, since its opening in 1999.

KidZania focuses on giving kids a learning experience to learn fun role-playing. They can benefit, both physically and mentally, while getting career motivation to grow up to be productive citizens in the future.

KidZania is a unique country with its own economy. It is a kid-sized replica of a city, complete with buildings, streets, vehicles, establishments, stores and all the elements of a realcity. The city is designed to be safe and original for kids to role play entertaining job activities of adults like in the real world. Kids must work to earn income as fire fighters, doctors, police officers, reporters, etc. They get to train to use the money earned to purchase goods or services.
KidZania KidZaniaEach activity of KidZania is specifically designed to aid and boost behavioral skills and values in children.


Through each job and activity, kids learn about how society functions and some basics in financial literacy, economics, career principles, teamwork, as well as social and real-life skills. Hands-on activities in KidZania offer better fulfilling learning experiences for kids. In each establishment, there are Zupervisors to introduce and provide support for eachactivity. They are present in all establishments in KidZaniato guide and ensure the children understand and performactivities properly.

Each activity of KidZania is specifically designed to aid and boost behavioral skills and values in children such as teaching them how to work as a team to solve problems, how to interact in society and helping develop physical skills like movement skills. By performing real-life job activities, kids learn the valueof having a career and how they can contribute to a bigger community. KidZania offers hands-on experiences for kids to learn about teamwork and economics in ways in which they can easily relate and enjoy.

KidZania KidZania

Educational value
Role playing is a universal form of play enjoyed by children all over the world. It is fun and offers educational, psychological and motivational benefits. We have consulted educators, psychologists and play experts during the development of every KidZania location to ensure our activities promote creativity, critical thinking, communication, confidence and collaboration. By blending reality with entertainment to prepare kids for the real world, KidZania provides real-life experiences and funat the same time. These experiences are useful when the children become grown-ups.


How to enroll in KidZania

KidZania is open seven days aweek. Kids and parents have to buy tickets to enter the kid-sizedcity at the box office in front of KidZania. Each visitor will begiven a unique security bracelet allowing KidZania staff to track and locate each individual child throughout the city.

In addition, each visitor will receive aboarding pass to KidZania and a cheque in KidZania currency (KidZo), which can be cashed at a bank in KidZania. KidZania consists of 3 main areas:

1. Airport. Visitors have to come to this zone first to go to KidZania. In Bangkok, KidZania has a 21-metre section of a real Boeing 737 from Air Asia in which to role play pilots and flight attendants.

2. City Square. This is the center of a KidZania city. The zone includes a town hall, a university, a bank where kids can cash a cheque and open an account to save what they earn from work. It also has a theatre, a retail store, a government office as well as activity areas for performing arts.

3. Suburbs. This is where all the factories are located, including the likes of a soft drink bottling plant, a milk factory and others etc.

KidZania KidZania

KidZania Bangkok
About KidZania Bangkok
“KidZania Bangkok,” the largest indoor learning center in Asia is the 12th branch of KidZania, first opens on May 6,2013, and is conducted by Mr. Denis Zhu, CEO and Vice Chairman. KidZania Bangkok has 10,000 square meters and its capacity of 1,500 people.

At the “KidZania Bangkok”, there are more than 80 professions in 65 facilities, i.e. doctor, policeman, firefighter, news reporter, TV news anchor, pilot, air crew, auto mechanic, chief, designer, model, and etc. Alsothere are the parents lounge and the “Urbano house” for babies and toddlers.

Opens: Weekday – 10.00 am – 05.00 pm
Weekend and Public Holiday – 10.30 am – 08.30 pm

Contact Information:
KidZania Bangkok Siam Paragon, 5th Floor, 991 Rama 1 Rd., Pathumwan,Bangkok 10330 Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 2 683 1888 / Fax: +66 (0) 2 683 1899


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