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“MOMOKO Professional Bag & Shoes Spa”

MOMOKO Bag and Shoes Spa

If doing spa makes your weary life feel refreshed, relaxed and fulfilled, then how about your favourite bags which has been loyally serving you for a long time, do they deserve the same pampering?

Bags, shoes and accessories are not merely implements or wears but some contain intangible value to their owners. Some bags bring confidence to the holders. Some might be the first ever you have collected money and by it yourselves. Or even it’s your fav shoes as a gift from your special one. Beyond that your precious is not ordinarily priced. In the past, when it needs to be fixed or need maintenance, you may need to travel to Bangkok or even abroad for a reliable service but no need to do that now.

It’s good news for those leatherwork aficionados when K.Papawin Pachantabutr known as May and Sarinnakorn Pinit or Ying, two business women who is well-known among locals have held their hands to bring professional bags and shoes spa “MOMOKO Bag & Shoes Spa” down to Phuket recently. Whether it is to clean, to fix, or to innovate branded bags, shoes or accessories, “MOMOKO Bag & Shoes Spa” has been widely accepted among elites and celebrities as a real professional in leatherwork. Trust has been built through their over 30 years of experiences in leatherwork industry.

Phuketindex.com has a chance to chat with K.May and K.Ying about how comes “MOMOKO Bag & Shoes Spa” in Phuket and here is more information about their products and services from readers to consider.

It’s an impressive experience we would like to share
When asked about why they would like to introduce “MOMOKO Bag & Shoes Spa” in Phuket, both of them naturally answered that it is a great impression service every time when they visit the Bangkok Branch which of course they are their regular customers. K.Ying added she feel it was amazing how they bring the beauty and life back to her beloved leather craft. Emphasized by K.May that “MOMOKO Bag & Shoes Spa” helps keeping a gift from her husband, yet the bag of memory the same as when she first got it.

MOMOKO Bag and Shoes Spa

Maintenance, repairs and prolonging
“MOMOKO Bag & Shoes Spa” provides broad range of services including varnishing, waterproofing, cleaning and repairing with genuine materials from branded you could trust. The highlight is at the cleaning cream they used. Produced and supplied by a real professional in leatherwork for more than 30 years, it is unbelievably able to fade away ink, oil, and dirty stains. Amazing!

MOMOKO Bag and Shoes Spa

To varnish and repair sounds too ordinary? Here besides maintenance and repair you can also expect innovation, a new look for your bags or shoes. “MOMOKO Bag & Shoes Spa” can reshape, recolour, to refresh the look of your beloved leatherwork, yet quality materials used have no difference to the old one.

MOMOKO Bag and Shoes Spa
Receive report slip
MOMOKO Bag and Shoes Spa
Barcode tag will always be with the bag

Ease of Mind
Watches, shoes, bags with high price tag and memory in it do have intangible value and that is why K.May and K.Ying trust in “MOMOKO Bag & Shoes Spa” as they have been regular customers for long time to ensure that their management system is reliable. “With the barcode tag attached for each bag, you are allowed to track which stage your bag is on and it will be guaranteed you will get your ‘right’ bag back when return. “MOMOKO Bag & Shoes Spa” will keep details of service, date and time, price and of course photos or the bag when handed for the reference.”

Prolonging your leatherwork
K.May advised tips to prolong leather goods, “Keep in mind that they should be kept in good ventilation, no moisture the cause of fungi” and last but least, “Whenever you have problem with your leather goods whether it is stains, scratches, abrasion, we are here to help.”

“MOMOKO Bag & Shoes Spa” now open at 4th Floor, Central Festival Phuket from 10.30-20.00 hrs daily. For more any enquiries please call 098-898-2091 or Line: MOMOKO_JAVE or email: info@momokosite.com.

For more information, or service reviews from customers and celebrities please visit
Website: www.momokosite.com

MOMOKO Bag and Shoes Spa

MOMOKO Bag and Shoes Spa

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