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Mongkol 38

Mongkol 38

Mongkol 38: The word “Mongkol” is an ancient word meaning happiness, joyfulness, good spirits and bliss. The Mongkol 38 technique was discovered and developed by Lord Buddha to teach Buddhists to live their lives with prosperity and success.

  1. Not to associate with fools ; to dissociate from the wicked
  2. To associate with the wise
  3. To honour those worthy of honour
  4. Live in a suitable region; good environment
  5. Having formerly done meritorious deeds
  6. Setting oneself in the right course ; right direction in self-guidance ; perfect self-adjustment
  7. Great learning; extensive learning
  8. Skill; knowledge of the arts & sciences
  9. Highly trained discipline
  10. Well-spoken speech
  11. Support of mother and father
  12. Cherishing of children
  13. Cherishing of wife
  14. A livelihood free from complications
  15. Charity; liberality; generosity
  16. Righteous conduct
  17. Rendering aid to relations
  18. Blameless actions; unexceptionable or beneficial activities
  19. Abstaining from evils and avoiding them
  20. Abstinence from intoxicants
  21. Diligence in virtue; perseverance in virtuous acts
  22. Reverence; respect; appreciative action
  23. Humility; courtesy; politeness
  24. Contentment
  25. Gratitude
  26. The opportune hearing of the doctrine; listening to good advice and the teaching of truth on due occasions
  27. Patience; forbearance; tolerance
  28. Amenability to correction; obedience
  29. Seeing the holy men
  30. Religious discussions at due seasons; regular discussions of truth
  31. Self-control; simple life
  32. A holy life
  33. Discernment of the Noble Truths
  34. Realization of Nibbana
  35. To have a mind which is not shaken when touched by worldly vicissitudes
  36. To have the mind which is free from sorrow
  37. To have the mind which is undefiled
  38. To have the mind which is secure

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