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Mathematics is probably the most unpopular subject taught in schools today. For many children, math appears confusing and difficult, and because of this children will say that math is boring and that they don’t like math. However, the standard method used to show children calculations was developed for them to understand. But today there are also a number of different methods of teaching mathematics, and one of the methods which helps children learn to calculate, and also helps with their brain development is Abacus Mental Arithmetic

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To fully appreciate the many benefits of Abacus Mental Arithmetic training, it is important to first understand how the brain functions.

The right hemisphere is responsible for coordinating the movement of the left side of our body, and it houses the spatial orientation perception, emotional behaviour (ability to express and capture emotions), and ability to control the non-verbal communication, intuition, recognition and memory of faces, voices and melodies. The right brain thinks and remembers images.

 For its part, the left hemisphere coordinates the right side of our body, and therein lies the verbal skills (speaking and understanding language), as well as analytical skills, ability to engage in logical reasoning, abstraction, problem solving numerical , learn theoretical information, make inferences. The left brain is the dominant brain for the majority of people worldwide. Often, we rely solely on that side of the brain to process our thoughts and actions, thereby neglecting the functioning of the right brain which is associated with the creative and emotive aspects of our daily operation.

 Brain development peaks during the childhood years when there is plenty of room for growth, learning new information, and acquiring new skill set. A child’s brain demonstrates highly adaptability to stimulants that boost their visual, sensory, motor, auditory and cognitive skills. Therefore, childhood experts recommend that children be exposed to new interests such as learning a language and playing a musical instrument, from as young as three, in order to encourage learning and developing the brain.

 Mental arithmetic can be said to be a healthy brain stimulant which promotes the use of both the left brain and the right brain simultaneously, thereby achieving a more balanced growth. As both sides of the brain are collectively engaged, learning is enhanced and concentration, memory, and creativity are all improved upon.

Mental arithmetic should not be viewed only as a tool that helps children improve math grades. It challenges the way they think and focus, and shapes the way they:

  • Listen and comprehend
  • Visualise and imagine
  • Memorise details
  • Work with speed and accuracy
  • Concentrate on a task
  • Process information
  • Tackle problems

The “NADA” Institute of Mental Arithmetic, the brainchild Master Wichian Lateef, is a new Abacus based trained Institute with three branches now in Phuket. Through Abacus, “NADA” has special programs to empower your child’s arithmetic, logical and reasoning abilities to prepare them to position well in the competitive world.

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NADA’s” Abacus Mental Arithmetic programs harnesses the benefits of mental arithmetic combined with the powerful visualization that can only be developed through mastery of the abacus. An abacus, a tool used for calculations of the four basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), is a proven method to foster full brain development as it makes learning easy and fun for children who tend to consider it as toy or playing tool, while solving math problems at the same time.
Studies have shown that children who have used an abacus in the past could perform mental calculations more easily and comfortably when they grow up. The Abacus Mental Arithmetic Method will:
  • Develop your child’s full potential and ability for mental calculation.
  • Promote a balance between the right (creative) and left (logic) sides of the brain.
  • Reinforce the development of a robust brain.
  • Strengthen the mind of the child by teaching him how to solve complex numbers and calculations.
  • Enhance concentration.
  • Sharpen your child’s memory.
  • Improve proficiency and confidence in Math.
  • Leads to increased mental capacity.
  • Develop self-discipline and good study habits.
Upon completion of “NADA’s” Abacus Mental Arithmetic programs, your child would have the ability to solve complex math problems without the help of external tools like pens, calculators — overall mental development which helps in making him / her hard working, clever, smart and improving their overall academic performance.
Calendar Arithmetic

For more information on “NADA’s” Abacus Mental Arithmetic programs please contactyour nearest branch:

Thalang Branch
Tel: +66 (0) 88-827-9344
310/124 Bandon Road, Thalang, Phuket

Muang Branch
Tel: +66 (0) 89 -651-1509 or +66 (0) 84-184-0070
4/10 Satun Road, Talad Yai, Phuket

Kathu Branch
“Aom-Tech” Dental Clinic, Kathu, Phuket
Tel: +66 (0)80-521-3888

Calendar Arithmetic

Calendar Arithmetic

Calendar Arithmetic

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