Patiya Koaysomboon : Pati Pati Shop
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Patiya Koaysomboon : Pati Pati Shop

Patiya Koaysomboon has turned her passion into business. She’s the founder of the newly opened and one of the hottest jewelry shops in Phuket ‘Pati Pati Shop’. With her vision and special attitude towards jewelry, Phuketindex invites you to get to know her. Perhaps you’ll discover a new approach in this area.

Please tell us about the Pati Pati Shop
Pati Pati is a brand that collects women’s jewelry with a focus on CZ diamonds, white gold, black rodium, silver, and pearls. Our collections include earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets which have been designed to suit many lifestyles whether sweet, cool, or minimal.

We aim at quality at affordable prices. Our items are range from 390 -1,500 baht depending on the material, fineness and design. We also guarantee high quality. If you have any problem with diamonds working loose or falling out, you’re welcome to bring them back to the shop and we’ll help fix it. Pati Pati has direct contact with the South Korean manufacturers.

Pati Pati Shop
What inspired you to start your own business?
I believe that to start any business you have to have passion. I realized that I was very happy sticking around with these jewels all until I one day I found that I couldn’t live without them. And when we’re really into it, we add value to the product. It became my drive to pass on the value I saw in jewelry to other people as well.
Anyway, what really kicked my dream start were my parents. I was born and raised here in Phuket and moved to Bangkok to study and work there but my parents were getting older and older so I decided to move back and start a business that allowed me to have more time taking care of them here in Phuket.

I set up a goal for my life that I to be successful but ‘success’ in my own definition doesn’t necessarily mean to be rich or famous but to make my parents happy.

Why accessories?
I personally like to wear jewelry because I usually dress minimally, so I think to add some adornments will make simplicity more interesting and dignified as well as tasteful. When I met up with my friends and relatives, they always asked where I bought this ring, or where did I get that bracelet from, who made my earrings and so forth. They would ask me to buy the same things for them or even asked me to become a distributor. Those people sparked my imagination about turning my passion into something good for other people. I think it helps those who don’t care much about dressing up to start having fun with it. This makes me very happy – to be part of the changes people make to improve their looks and confidence.

How about your beginnings? Did you have any strategies to find targets?
We started online. Our clients mainly came from two sources; the first from online advertising and the other from regular customers and those who came to us through word of mouth.

Our strategy was to find a brand target that we could advertise to reach every group of people at the beginning. We then observed and got feedback from those who chose to purchase from us and dug further into their lifestyles and demography. We then discussed and analyzed this information – if they matched the brand target we set up or not. If not, whether we needed to change our target or adjust our brand image, this is what we had to work out in order to make the picture clear and to send out the right message to the right people.

Pati Pati Shop

When you started this business what skills did you possess and what skills are required to learn in the future?
I graduated with a degree in marketing and started working in marketing-related fields, consumer goods, sales management and sales stock and shifted to advertising which allowed me to take care of clients from the very first, planning, the brand message, TV advertising, including media planning and advertising plans.

My past jobs have given me the chance to talk about strategies with my team and clients. We had a chance to do presentations and exchange ideas with many people, most of them executive teams and successful business owners in Bangkok. It was a great time and I learned about vision and attitude from experienced and successful persons and that helped make my background in business solid.

The skills I want to learn more about are jewelry design and manufacturing, new techniques and the technology used in the making of it. I believe that in doing business you need to be able to get familiar with every step involved and know how to do it.

What challenges you the most in this business?
For me it’s to keep the customers’ satisfaction optimal. Because I started doing this business with the aim of make them feel more confident, this is what guides us to continuously develop ourselves whether it’s the quality of materials involved or after-sales service.

What’s the most important factor that makes your business successful?
I think it’s the passion and the effort put into the best ways to develop our brand. We take care of every single detail in every process by ourselves as I believe customers’ satisfaction is at the heart of our brand.

Pati Pati has now two directions: The first is to develop our brand. We now have a new partner who is a jewelry designer and who is working on our Pati Pati signature collection. It will be our own design under the ‘Pati Pati’ name and all are hand-made to ensure the quality and unique design of this special collection.

The second is to introduce the signature collection to overseas markets. We now have some contacts with whom we’ve started to discuss.
Pati Pati Shop
At Pati Pati we design while bearing in mind the value of the produce. We see these jewelry pieces as having a special value but not in terms of the price or the materials involved but about how to make women who wear them to feel special or to boost their confidence. But this doesn’t mean these pieces have no value; if they’re not for you then perhaps they’re perfect for others.

For anyone who is interested in our beautiful accessories, you are welcome to visit or contact us at:
FB: Pati Pati Shop
Store: FYS Multi-Brand Store at 2nd Floor Limelight Avenue Phuket

Line: @patipati
Tel: 064-623-5451

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