Phuket Food – Kuea Keuy (sweet shrimp-paste dipping sauce)
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Phuket Food – Kuea Keuy (sweet shrimp-paste dipping sauce)

What’s the difference between Nam Pla Wan (sweet fish sauce) and Kuea Keuy (sweet shrimp-paste dipping sauce)

First cooking method, Nam Pla Wan (sweet fish sauce) should be boiled over low heat, and Kuea Keuy (sweet shrimp paste dipping sauce) should be pounded in a mortar.

Another difference between Kuea Keuy and Nam Pla Wan is the ingredients and preparation methods. Palm sugar, shrimp paste, fish sauce, pounded dried shrimp, sliced shallots, and chopped chili are among the ingredients in Nam Pla Wan. Sugar, shrimp paste, soy sauce, black soy sauce, anchovy, shallots, and chili were among the ingredients utilized by Kuea Keuy.

Kuea Keuy Phuket is a simple-to-prepare dish that may be served with a variety of fruits, particularly sour fruits. Kuea Keuy Phuket is a dipping sauce that goes well with both sour and sweet fruits including mango, guava, star gooseberry, pineapple, grapefruit, rose apple, and others. I will show you how to make Kuea Keuy Phuket, including the ingredients and method. And, of course, I will show you the tricks that I use on a regular basis.


  • Anchovy / Ching Chang – Remove the black section of the fish belly since it has a bitter flavor. If the fish is large, remove the bone as well so you don’t lose your appetite while eating. If the fish is extremely dry and strong, soak it in water for a few minutes to make pounding easier.
  • Shrimp paste / Kapi / Keuy – Because the shrimp paste used in curry (Kapi Kaeng) is excessively salty for this dish, substitute the shrimp paste used in chili paste instead (Kapi Nam Prik).
  • Shallots – It is not required; nonetheless, it is up to your personal taste. Personally, I think you can use it, but not in excess, since it will make the dish taste brackish.
  • Sugar – Not only sweet flavor, but it might also help you pound the ingredients more completely by its hard texture.
  • Chilli – You can use as much chili as you want to make it hot.
  • Black soy sauce – If you use too much, the sauce will become bitter.

In a mortar, pound together the anchovies and sugar. Add shallots, chili, and shrimp paste, pound together. Add a small amount of black soy sauce, make it more like a dipping sauce than a liquid. If you use too much, the sauce will become bitter. It has a salty, sweet, and spicy flavor.

Kuea Keuy (sweet shrimp-paste dipping sauce)

I used to have Kuea Keuy in a different way, with boiled pork blood, pineapple, cucumber, and grapefruit. I heard it’s a Penang style, and it’s extremely good. The flavor is sweet, salty, and slightly spicy, although few people make it these days. The texture is more liquid than in my recipe.

Kuea Keuy Mayom is another option (star gooseberry mixed with Kuea Keuy). Today I’ll show you how to prepare Kuea Keuy Mayom, which is a delicious and simple appetizer. Simply pound the star gooseberry with Kuea Keuy to make it (According to the recipe above). To break, pound star gooseberry. It’s also preferable to use ripe star gooseberries. I just use palm sugar in the video to make it thick and viscous.

Kuea Keuy Mayom

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