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Phuket Lobster – The King of Seafood

Phuket Lobster – The King of Seafood

Phuket Lobster – The King of SeafoodLobster is the ultimate in crustaceans. No matter how lobsters are served, you can be guaranteed they will always taste delicious. As for Thailand, PHUKET LOBSTER is probably the most popular kind of lobster. When served, Phuket Lobster is very delicate. Not only is it exquisitely decorated, it is even tastier than other seafood. It’s a must for tourists visiting Phuket to have a taste of Phuket Lobster. Therefore, Phuket Lobster surely is The King of Seafood.

If choosing to eat lobster, the lobster you choose should weigh about 700-800 grams. However, it’s actually better if you can choose a lobster weighs more than that, as the heavier lobster, the tastier it is. What makes Phuket Lobster unique and outstanding compared to other lobster species is its thin shell, which gives the Phuket specie more meat. The meat is very rich and sweet, but not mushy. Lobster meat can be cooked in a number of ways, for example, steaming, roasting, grilling, and frying. But no matter how the lobster is cooked, you can be guaranteed it will be delicious no matter how you choose for it to be cooked. Now you have an idea of how tasty Phuket Lobster is, don’t miss your chance to try The King of Seafood!

Phuket Lobster – The King of Seafood

Phuket Lobster is served in many restaurants around the island but these restaurants and dishes are some we would highly recommend!

Baan Kalim

Recommended Dish

Thermidor (Stir-fried lobster meat with mushrooms and onion, served in a creamy sauce with melted cheese, served in its shell)
Baht 3,000 per kilogram

Contact – Patong beach, Kathu, Phuket
T : +66 (0) 76 618 125 E :

Kan Eang @pier

Recommended Dish

Live Phuket Lobster Sashimi
Baht 3,500 per kilogram

Contact – The pier of Chalong Bay, Muang, Phuket
T : +66 (0) 76 381 212 E :


Recommended Dish

Baked Phuket Lobster with Garlic & Butter Sauce
Baht 3,000 per kilogram

Contact – Taweewong Rd., Patong, Kathu, Phuket
T : +66 (0) 76 341 171 E :

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