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Phuket Food – Local food center

If you are visiting Phuket and want to eat some native cuisine. There are a few local culinary centers in Phuket that I would recommend;

There is no need to go around the island in search of Phuket’s famed delicacies. Many Phuket local food centers may be found in Phuket town, such Lok Thian (Yaowarat and Dibuk Road intersection), Cham Cha Tree (near the entrance to Soi Lor Rong), and the one I will show you today, which is located behind Ban Bang Neaw Municipal School (on the way to Saphan Hin Park).

This is the hub where local food vendors offer their wares. It is located on the first floor of a two-story house; comfy, well-ventilated, and clean… On a school day, I think it is more convenient to come and eat around 3 p.m. because it is easier to find parking. To reach there, you can use both entrances from Kra Road and Phuket Road. Also, I recommend stopping by the Mae Kui shop near the food center to stock up on some local delicacies. Everything about this shop is fantastic, therefore I wholeheartedly suggest it.

There are numerous delicacies to select from in the food court behind Ban Bang Neaw Municipal School, including fresh spring rolls, Loba, Oh Aew, O-Tao, Mee Hoon, pork satay, and sweet ice drink. All of the dishes are single-dish meals and snacks. Each shop will charge you separately for the food price. You can order food to eat here or to take home. This place serves fresh and uses new ingredients since it is popular; there are no leftovers.

Briefly describe each dish, beginning with fresh spring rolls, which are also stuffed with crunchy vermicelli. Next is O-Tao, it is the famous local shop of Phuket, “O-Tao Bang Neaw”. Around 6 pm, they will move to sell in front of Ban Bang Neaw Municipal School. Mee Hoon is a Phuket-style stir-fried noodle served with a warm pig bone broth. Hot fried Loba can be ordered as an all-inclusive set or as individual items. If you are eating with friends, it is a good idea to order several things and share them. As a result, you will be able to taste everything.


In the video, I show each dish of Phuket cuisine available here. It’s for your convenience in case you are still unsure what the menus look like.

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