Local guide: Sightseeing in Phuket Old Town
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Local guide: Sightseeing in Phuket Old Town

Visit Phuket’s famous attractions place with phuketindex.com. This time we will show you Phuket Old Town Zone. There are many thing to do here ; shop, chill, coffee, take a photo or only walk along the street and get through Phuket’s old time by seeing Sino-Portuguese Buildings.

Thalang Road is known as Phuket’s ‘historical road’ and is located in Phuket City Municipality. It was formerly the trading center of Phuket and most of the houses located along this road were owned by wealthy Phuket people. The houses were built in Sino-Portuguese styles which reflect unique combinations between Chinese and Portuguese architectures.

Krabi Road is in the old town area has the Phuket Thai Hua Museum, originally a Chinese school. It features exhibits about the history of Phuket, concentrating particularly on the role Chinese immigrants played in Phuket’s development. The museum is located at on the end of Krabi Road.

Local guide: Sightseeing in Phuket Old Town

Local guide: Sightseeing in Phuket Old Town

Phang-Nga Road has the On-On Hotel, Phuket’s oldest hotel established in 1929. The other buildings in this area such as the restaurants, banks and shophouses all have original Sino Portuguese architecture.

Dibuk Road runs directly to the north of Thalang Road and is home to a number of popular eating establishments. This road also features a range of coffee shops.

Ratsada Road is alway busy in business time, many bank offices are located here. And you can found a hidden museum “Thavorn Museum” inside Thavorn Hotel.

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