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Phuket’s popular local dishes

When people visit Phuket, the first thing that most people think about is probably the beaches, and secondly the Thai food.  Phuket is an island which is very proud of its heritage, cultures and traditions and one of the best, and definitely most delicious ways to experience some of Phuket’s culture is by trying some of its unique local food.

Phuket has a lot of tasty and special local foods which are a combination of local and Chinese cooking styles, and are very different in character and flavour from those of other areas in Thailand.

Below is a small sample of some of Phuket’s local dishes and some of the most popular shops where you can try them:

Phuket’s popular local dishes
Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee is a basic dish, which is simply stir fried hokkien style noodles. This dish was a favourite of the Chinese in the Fujian province, and was brought here by the Chinese migrants from that province when they came to work here in the tin mines. It’s a classic Phuket noodle dish and really should be tried.

Yellow egg noodles stir-fried with leafy green vegetables in soy sauce, usually served with either pork or chicken.

Mee Ton Poh near the clock tower traffic circle on Phuket Rd. in Phuket Town

Mee Sapam on Thep Krasattri Rd. in the village of Sapam.

Phuket’s popular local dishes
Oh tao

This is another popular dish which was brought to Phuket by the Chinese migrants. However, there is a slightly different version of this dish which is popular in Penang, which also had strong ties with Phuket many years ago. Most Thai’s eat Oh tao as a snack but it can also be eaten as a main dish.

Succulent and fresh oysters fried with eggs, flour, and taro root and a small helping of spicy curry paste.

Oh Tao Wongwian near the clock tower traffic circle on Phuket Rd. in Phuket Town.

Oh Tao next to Bang Neaw Municipality School, Phuket Road.

Phuket’s popular local dishes
Oh aew

Oh aew is not a snack nor a meal, it’s actually a dessert, and this wasn’t brought to the island by migrants, it’s a dessert that originates from Phuket. It is quite hard to find outside of Phuket Town and even more hard to find anywhere in Thailand outside of Phuket.

Oh aew is jelly which is made from cultivated banana and Oh aew seeds and flavoured with essence of Chinese herbs. The jelly is served in crushed ice and is topped with boiled red beans and sweet red syrup.

Lok Tiean Local Food Centre the intersection of Yaowarat Road and Dibuk Roa in Phuket Town

Look out for more popular Local Phuket dishes in the near future.

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