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Phuket’s Rang Hill – A must place to visit

Phuket's Rang Hill - A must place to visit

Most of Phuket’s tourist attractions only feature one point of interest. However there is one attraction here in Phuket, which is one of my favourites (probably because it is not one of the most popular amongst tourists), which allows you to enjoy more than one point of interest at one location.

Situated not far from the center of Phuket Town, Rang Hill, know amongst Thais as Khao Rang, is a must visit location if views, nature & culture are on your lists of things to do whilst you’re here in Phuket.

There are actually two main routes up to the top of the 500m tall hill; one is via Soi Vachira, located right next to Vachira Hospital on Yaowarat Road, the other is via Soi Chimbi which connects from Mae Luan Road. If you love your exercise, you can attempt either route by foot, if not; you’re definitely going to need some mode of transport.

As I mentioned previously, there are more than one topics of interest for you at Rang Hill, and if culture is your thing, you will need to take the route via Soi Vachira as this will lead you to the beautiful temple Wat Khao Rang.

Phuket's Rang Hill - A must place to visit
Peace & tranquillity at Wat Khao Rang

Wat Khao Rang is not the most famous temple on Phuket; however, this hidden temple does feature the very first golden sitting Buddha to be brought to Phuket. The temple offers a peaceful & tranquil atmosphere and it is not a major tourist attraction. Upon walking around the temple I’m sure you will be stunned by the incredible Thai art forms, and traditional carvings, which can be found throughout.

A little further up the hill used to be a small exercise park, which was always a favourite place for the older locals to gather and partake in their morning and evening exercise. However, unfortunately this park has been unkempt and the elders now gain the exercise by climbing either one of the two routes to the top of the hill, putting to shame the youngsters who now ride to the park on their motor bikes after school to hang out.

Phuket's Rang Hill - A must place to visit
Your welcome at the peak of Rang Hill

Now we turn to the main spectacle of Rang Hill, its peak. On arriving you will be greeted by a troop of monkeys who will more than happily come over to you and grab whatever food you have directly from your hand. Please beware that these monkeys do have a very temperamental temperament and can turn at any opportunity so take care with how close you get to them.

Phuket's Rang Hill - A must place to visit
Rang Hill Municipal Park

This is not the only greeting you will receive however, you will also be welcomed by a sight of pure nature, from what is now classed a municipal park, and which makes for the perfect photo backdrop. Due to its expansive grass areas, much of which is shaded by centuries old trees, the park is a great place to picnic. Also in the park is a bronze statue of Phraya Ratsada Nupradit- who was appointed Governor of Phuket in 1902, during the reign of King Rama V, and was also the first to bring rubber trees to the island.

Phuket's Rang Hill - A must place to visit
Phraya Ratsada Nupradit

It is also from the top of Rang hill that you will be provided with possibly the most spectacular & breathtaking panoramic views over Phuket town, and which stretch to the southern end of the island, as far as Laem Panwa and Ao Chalong Bay.

Phuket's Rang Hill - A must place to visit
Views over Phuket Town

There are a couple of restaurants at the top which serve a range of both local and international food, and also provide some spectacular views, making the dining experience so much more enjoyable.

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