Phattanan Phisutvimol – President of Phuket Real Estate Association
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Phattanan Phisutvimol – President of Phuket Real Estate Association

Phattanan Phisutvimol, President of Phuket Real Estate Association,leads Phuket Golden Ville By Caps Property Co., Ltd. The real estate industry is, in fact, his family business, with 15 years’ experience and a strong determination to develop Phuket’s real estate sector, Phuket’s growth and Phuketians’ life.

What kind of a leader are you and what is your leadership philosophy?
I am a ‘No Leader- Leader’ in that I’m quite open and accessible, being like a brother, a consultant, who is willing to help the team solve any problems. So my staff members feel comfortable in discussing any issues with me which makes me understand the problems clearly and to eventually solve them.

What’s the best book you’ve read in your life?
I love reading books, and one which impacted my life since when I was young is Phet Phra Uma by Phanom Thian. Actually, it’s not so much about business management but the main character is very honest and a good Buddhist, which I love to follow. This helps me to keep my words and to carry out whatever I have said.

What is the character trait that makes you succeed?
My success comes from my openness and by suppressing my ego. I listen to everyone, no matter how old or young. I consider all that they say and value the useful things to improve myself. This is what I am doing.

How much time do you spend on each project?
I have many kinds of business: real estate, marine business, also a few start-up ones. Hence, the priority is the most important. Whatever can be done in three minutes, let’s go ahead and do it. Big issues which take time are prioritized based on my location and time available.

How did you enter the real estate business?
Originally, this business belonged to my father for over 40 years. It started in Bangkok and ended up in Phuket. I spent a lot of time here to learn about what he did until I graduated.

What my family normally do is to send us out to work in other companies to learn the system and procedures and how people think, then to bring that knowledge and experience back for management planning. After three-four years in Bangkok, I decided to move back to Phuket to help my father’s business. It’s been 15 years now.

What has been the most important factor of your success?
It’s all about my team. I have many businesses, I need a team in whom I can trust and they have to believe in me too. My principle is to put the right man in the right job. I believe in their potential, then let them do their best while I delegate and assign tasks for them. Only when I see problems or when they need help do I jump in. The most important thing is that they work with their heart, not only for money. This makes each company grow by itself.

What is your main motivation and inspiration?
I am a positive thinking and quite an easy person. Whatever makes me feel uncomfortable, I can let it go easily, not dwell on failure for too long. I analyze problems and see if they are solvable or not. If yes, then I go ahead, otherwise I just let it go and spend time on other valuable issues. I’ve practiced this since I was young.

Any advice for our readers?
Life is nothing. We just play our role, but finally we go back to being ourselves. Therefore, don’t get stuck but move on to improve ourselves. Be good and display less ego, then you can move forward.

Any words or idioms you like?
Everyone has their own reasons, do not judge people using your own reason, and always listen.

What is your plan as a role of President?
It’s a great honour to be elected the President of the Phuket Real Estate Association and there are a few things I’d like to implement during my tenure. First, to generate new local property developers, also to educate the current ones to be qualified entrepreneurs.

Secondly, to make sure that Phuket people reap the full benefits, whether from city planning or construction laws.

Another thing that has taken many years to be completed is to consolidate all organizations in Phuket to be on the same team, having the same objectives and goals, to negotiate with the government regarding the politics and administration in Phuket so we will not be interrupted due tochanges of government.

I promise to do my best to implement these three issues during my two years and hope that the Real Estate Association will be a part of Phuket’s growth and make a better life for Phuketians. Thank you.

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