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Phuket Regional Blood Centre

Phuket Regional Blood Centre

Phuket Regional Blood Centre started operation on 12 August 2009 with its main aim being to recruit donors to donate blood which supply all the hospitals within the 6 Andaman Sea provinces, Phuket, Phang-nga, Krabi, Trang, Satun and Ranong, when blood transfusions are needed. However, the centre’s role has, over time, increased dramatically and it is now responsible for:

  • Providing blood and blood components, which are safe according to international standard and also the same standard as National Blood Center, and to be the medical hub of Phuket province.
  • To provide special or rare blood components.
  • To be a reference laboratory in recruiting blood for patients who are having problems with blood group incompatibility.
  • To be a blood service training center for blood bank personnel, and also to promote network and cooperation between the Regional Center and hospitals.

Blood plays a vital role in saving human life, and because scientists have yet to succeed in discovering a suitable replacement for blood, blood donation remains the most important means for transferring blood from one human to another (blood transfusion).

Blood transfusions date back to the middle ages where first attempts were unsuccessful, but due to modern medicine and extensive research blood donations are now a standard procedure.

Phuket Regional Blood CentreOur blood is grouped and categorised by its make-up. All of us are in a blood group which is either A, B, AB or O. This classification is then further defined as either positive or negative; more correctly termed Rh positive or Rh negative.

In middle Europe 85% of people have Rh positive blood, 15% are Rh negative. In Asia the ratio is very different with only 1% of the population having Rh negative blood (rh-); in fact only 0.3% of Thais are rh-.

Unfortunately, due to this, Rh negative is blood is very scarce, not only in Phuket but in Thailand as a whole, and when it comes to high season, which sadly often sees an increase in accidents and hospital admissions, hospitals are in need of an increased amount of not only Rh negative but all blood types.

Phuket Regional Blood Centre

Phuket Regional Blood Centre are continuously holding mobile donation clinics at various hotels and locations around the island, which sees a large number of hotel staff, guests, tourists and locals donating.

The Centre is currently holding a blood donation drive clinic that they hope will help the center stock up on rare Rhesus negative (Rh-) and other blood types.

Please see below for details of the operation hours for the centre’s in house blood collection and their mobile blood donation clinics, which will be around Phuket for the rest of the month of August. Please make the effort to visit and donate.

If there are any people who know they are Rh negative please get in touch with Phuket Regional Blood Centre so you can be contacted in emergency situations.

In house blood collection:  

Monday, Wednesday and Friday     8.30 – 16.30

Tuesday and Thursday     8.30 – 20.00

Weekend and holidays     9.00 – 15.00

Mobile clinic location & dates:

22nd August 2012 – Jungceylon Patong – 12.00 A.M.-06.00 P.M.

24th August 2012 – Rajabhat Phuket University – 10.00 A.M.-03.00 P.M.

29th August 2012 – Honda Showroom, Chao-fa branch – 10.00 A.M.-03.00 P.M.

31st August 2012 – Homepro Phuket , Chalong branch , Phuket – 12.00 – 04.00 P.M.

Phuket Regional Blood Centre
38/193 Rattanakosin 200 Years Road, Taladnua, Muang, Phuket 83000
Tel. 076-251178 Fax. 076-250185

Phuket Regional Blood Centre



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