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It’s time for Souvenir Shopping!

If you’re here on holiday, I’m sure there are people you’re thinking about at home that you would like to buy something for to let them know where you’ve been. In fact, you will probably even want to buy something

for yourself as a reminder of your time here. If you’re buying for someone else, you’re usually buying them something to let them know they were on your minds, sometimes it might even be a way of telling them you wished they were here with you.

For most, a souvenir from Thailand would usually be a bargain item you’ve bartered for in markets here, the ones which are full of fake designer goods such as handbags, sunglasses or t-shirts.

On the other hand, you may be one of the many had the pleasure of experiencing buying a Thai made handicraft from one of the hundreds of beach sellers which I’m sure you must have been approached by on one of the tourist beaches here in Phuket, such as Karon or Kata beach or the even more touristy Patong, where beach sellers flock the beach and walk up and down offering you their range of goods. Many tourists have purchased small items after having fun haggling with such beach vendors. Many ending up with wooden elephants, bed covers, bandannas, sarongs, tuk tuks made out of old tin drink cans and carved soap, to name but a few.

A lot of visitors to tourist attractions such as big Big Buddha want to take home a replica Buddha statue or image to remind them of their visit to the attraction. Thailand has strict controls on Buddha images and what can be taken out of the country. Small Buddha images such as those sold in souvenir shops can be taken out with no hassle. However, all Buddha statues which are larger than 12cms in height must have an export permit to be allowed to be taken out of the country.

There are also many shops here that are purpose-built souvenir shops. They sell Thailand made products that are hard to find in ordinary stores. Here are some of the most popular item visitors to Phuket take home as a souvenir of their time in the ‘Pearl of the Andaman’.



These have got to be one of the island’s best buys. Many pearl farms have been established on and around Phuket, and due to this cultured pearls sold in Phuket are both good quality and large in quantity. They are available either as a simple pearl or as items of jewelry.



Handmade ceramic products are one of the most popular and memorable souvenirs. The quality native clay is used to make elegantly designed household articles, kitchenware and decorative items.



Phuket’s Batik is designed with the makers using inspiration from the island’s natural surroundings, sea and marine life. Batik products include shirts, sarongs, skirts, bags and handkerchiefs.



Seashells are made into ornaments and items, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches, lampshades, photo frames, etc.

Bird’s Nests

Bird’s nests are in abundance in Phuket and high grade bird’s nests are available at very reasonable prices.

Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts 

Cashew nuts are local product of Phuket. Due to Phuket’s climate, cashew nuts here are often said to be better than those from anywhere also in the world. You can buy different types of cashew nut products such as roasted cashews with salt, cashew nuts fried with garlic, cashew nuts coated with chocolate, honey coated cashew nut brittle and even cashew apple juice.

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