Shopping at Sarasin
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Shopping at Sarasin

Sarasin bridge was built in 1967, the 660 meters bridge, with a love story of Phuket’s Romeo and Juliet. It was renovate again to be a travel destination in 2009, not allowed to drive on Sarasin bridge. You should visit the bridge in the evening, it is a great place to see sunset and see the locals live.

The market is on the left

The place that we will show you today is a shopping point at Sarasin Bridge, Baan Thanoon, Phang Nga. It have many local products here; local dried seafood, local snack, Phuket pineapple, fresh blue crab and red frog crab. This place is on your left-hand on the way to Phang Nga.

Phuket dried shrimp
Red frog crab – ready to eat
Some cute seashell mobiles
Fresh blue crab

At Sarasin you must try “Phuket Pineapple”, it is a sweet and sour fruit which only be found in Phuket. It is certainly very different from other nationwide and worldwide varieties. Now the government launched a project to improve and enhance the quality and to promote them as a unique Phuket crop.

Phuket pineapple
It was really tasty. Have you ever tried it?
I really like this one
Bye see you next trip

Story – Turquoise
Photo – Au Siri

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