Take a snap with street art paintings at The Old Phuket Town
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Take a snap with street art paintings at The Old Phuket Town

Phuket Street Art just well known for 2 years, as 2 years ago the famous graffiti artist Alex Face (Patcharapol Tangreun) and Rukkit (Rukkit Kuanhawate) were join a project; F.A.T Phuket (Food Art Old Town) with “So Phuket Group”. At that time, the purpose was to promote about “City of Gastronomy Award” that Phuket received from UNESCO. The award is given to Phuket to show that Phuket is a creative city in the field of food science, so all paintings presented about story of Phuket local food.

The first project

Today I will show the second project at Phuket’s old town. It is not easy to find a car parking at the Old Phuket Town, I would like to recommend you to park at Wat Mongkol Nimit or Jui Tui Shrine car parking. For Wat Mongkol Nimit it very close to Phuket Old Town zone but you should avoid 15.30 – 17.30 (school’s finish time) and after 20.30 (temple’s gate close time). For Jui Tui Shrine’s parking it is a little bit longer distance, it is located on Krabi Road (near a junction).

Avoid 15.30 – 17.30 and after 20.30
Avoid 15.30 – 17.30 and after 20.30
Jui Tui Shrine parking is opposite “Mae Ya Nang Shrine”

Let’s get started, for this trip we start at Wat Mongkol Nimit. Then walk throught Soi Rommanee. Today the weather is very good, there are many Thai and foreign tourists here. At Phuket Old Town there are a lot of souvenir shops, ice cream shops and guest houses.

For the second project, all paintings was painted by 4-Studio’s student. The first painting is a child playing hide and seek at Soi Rommanee.

What do you play?
Can I join?

At Thalang Road near Soi Rommanee we can find some images of the first project too. At Phuket it is very Sunny, please prepare a wide-brimmed hat for this trip. Or you can buy here at Soi Rommanee, reasonable price.

First Project

Now we are at Thalang Road. The next station is on Phang Nga Road, keep walking there are many thing to do here. At Thalang Road, there are many fabric shops and Phuket-style dress shop too, you can buy your new Nyonya dress here.

Go to Thaihua Museum go straight / For Phang Nga Road turn left.

2nd of today is located at Phang Nga Road, this painting were painted near the first project (first project is “City of Gastronomy”), a painting was added to complete a story.

Grandma and kids
Can I put it here?
Help him to do O-tao.

The next one is a painting of a little girl who dreaming about Phuket local sweets. It is located on Rassada Road.

It is so hot today.

The next painting is at cafe’in, this say about Phuket’s sweet dish “O-Aew” … very big big one. “Oh Aew” is made from a mixture of Oh Aew seeds, banana and gelatin. Oh-Aew jelly is softer, stickier and more delicious than normal jelly, possibly because all the ingredients used in its making are natural.

It is so hot today.
I wanna eat too.

Next station, we go to Kajornrangsan Temple on Krabi road. The painting is a story of morning time at a school.

Krabi road

The last one at Koben Junction, the painting is about Phuket Vegetarian Festival, Child light firecrackers.

Watching parade

Story Turquoise
Photo au_fotographer

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