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Phuket’s ‘House of Help and Care’

Phuket’s ‘‘House of Help and Care”

Anita Somaini was born and spent most of her working life in Switzerland. She originally trained as a pharmaceutical assistant and then spent four years training to become a certified nurse at the Lindenhof Hospital, Berne. She has several years of hands on experience within both surgical and orthopedic departments, and is qualified in dealing with geriatrics and psychogeriatrics. Phuket’s ‘‘House of Help and Care”

Later Anita worked underwent intensive internal training at Langenthal hospital, the training of which enabled her to work within the accident and emergency department of the hospital. Her overall experience covers all major aspects of the nursing profession.

During her working years Anita has also acquired an extensive knowledge in dealing with people suffering from dementia.

Anita also has experience in marketing and sales, business administration and personnel management and her diverse knowledge later enabled her to become Sales Manager of an international pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland.
Anita and her husband Carlo moved to Thailand in 2009 to further develop their existing family business. As Anita is not actively involved in the business, the move offered her a unique opportunity to put a personal dream into reality, and to use all her professional nursing  experience here in her new venture BAAN TSCHUAI DUU LÄÄ. Her dream was to care for elderly people in a wonderful setting and a very pleasant climate. The quality of care she provides is neither available nor affordable in Europe.

From Thai, BAAN TSCHUAI DUU LÄÄ translates into English to mean ‘‘House of Help and Care“, and as the name suggests the home offers the highest quality care to their long or short stay guests.

At BAAN TSCHUAI DUU LÄÄ they specialise in providing stays for those who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s, in a cozy and secure home within a family atmosphere. Care is given to their guests on an individual basis with warmth and cordiality, and if desired they are able to provide 24 hours a day individual care using three nurses for each guest. They support their residents in all those areas where they are no longer independent.

BAAN TSCHUAI DUU LÄÄ is not comparable to a nursing home, as we know it in Europe. Their guests benefit from a life in several different spacious villas with three or four large bedrooms with en-suite private bath, toilet and shower, a living room, garden and pool. They offer their residents a life within a community, under excellent care and respecting their utmost privacy.

Phuket’s ‘‘House of Help and Care”

It is their moral obligation to provide all necessary security and to maintain the quality of life of their guests. Their aim is to maintain or improve the physical and mental abilities of guests for as long as possible and they encourage and support the abilities that each individual guest brings.

At BAAN TSCHUAI DUU LÄÄ they promote social interaction and stimulating activities for their guests such as parties, get-togethers, sight-seeing, games, T.V., music, swimming, etc. depending on their individual desires, capabilities and current constitution.

What does Anita hope to achieve with BAAN TSCHUAI DUU LÄÄ:

Long-term cooperation with authorities and institutions in Europe to promote high quality and affordable nursing care in a host country like Thailand.

Cooperate with local European authorities with the aim of them understanding and supporting the benefits and the needs of an institution such as BAAN TSCHUAI DUU LÄÄ.

Create public awareness in European countries regarding the existence of quality alternative care options in Thailand in addition to those of a general nursing home, in European countries.

Anita is convinced people with dementia can live abroad and be given a much better quality of life. She has seen how happy, calm and collected they can be when carefully treated with respect and dignity.

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