Pimchanok Jivavisitnont – The Owner of PIMM GEMS
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Pimchanok Jivavisitnont – The Owner of PIMM GEMS

Diamonds are valuable possessions, and attractive everybody but let’s face it – they’re expensive! So you should learn a bit about them before making a purchase such as recognising the 4Cs – meaning cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight. Let’s learn more about them with Pimchanok Jivavisitnont, owner of PIMM GEMS.

What inspired you to run this business?

My family has been involved in the gold business for many generations; you could go so far as to say they opened the first gold shops in Phuket. Growing up in this business and with my father being an expert in gold settings, as well as my mother, my aunts and other customers enthusiastic about all sorts of jewelry, I came to fancy these shiny and sparkling accessories.

After getting married, I had the opportunity to travel abroad more frequently, to see firsthand the advancements in jewelry, including innovations in diamond settings. The ‘Illusion Setting’ involves the technique of displaying a smaller diamond in a precious metal surrounding that has been patterned so that it mimics the facets of the diamond, thus creating the “illusion” of a much larger diamond. This technique creates value for smaller diamonds while at the same time lowering the cost for consumers seeking the look of a larger stone. This type of setting requires a high level of skill and craftsmanship and has recently become particularly trendy and popular amongst Hollywood celebrities. Initially, I ordered a variety of Illusion diamonds to wear myself, then friends would see me wearing them and really liked them, and so sprung the beginnings of the business I’m involved in now.

How to Choose a Diamond Step by Step

The customers’ budget and their requirements in terms of personal style or a specific look are the initial factor. Personal taste and needs can vary dramatically from one person to the next with endless options and variations. For example, a customer with a budget of 500,000 baht is able to choose between a 3 carat, L color, VVS diamond or a 1.50 carat, D color, VVS diamond. I’m able to provide customers with practical advice so that they can choose the diamond that best fits their needs.


– Color
– Clarity
– Cut
– Carat Weight

Diamond Shapes

In the past, buyers preferred round-shaped diamonds due to their intricate cutting that created a shine and sparkle unlike any other cuts. This demand for round-shaped diamonds made them the most expensive to purchase.

Nowadays, however, fancy shaped diamonds such as princess, tear drops, marquise or heart shapes have increased in popularity due to their unique and contemporary look as well as their reasonable pricing compared to round shaped diamonds.

Fluorescence Affects

Fluorescence refers to a diamond’s tendency to emit a soft coloured glow when subjected to ultraviolet light. Roughly 30% of diamonds are fluorescent to some degree. Some buyers perceive fluorescence as a defect, but this may not always be the case.

For example, the fluorescence of a higher colour diamond might create a slight reduction in clarity and make it look somewhat cloudy. On the other hand, fluorescence of lower colour diamonds may increase the clarity of this group and make them look shinier. However, this is not a clear-cut rule and fluorescence will affect each diamond on a case-by-case basis.

Choose the Right Certificate

Always buy jewelry from a shop that has a guarantee. If a person is new to diamonds I recommend purchasing diamonds that have been certified by either HRD or GIA, in order to avoid purchasing a fake or one that doesn’t meet the standards they’re being marketed as. Nowadays, these certifications are laser-inscribed into the diamond themselves and you can purchase them from a trusted jeweler.

If you are in the market for diamonds please contact us for advice or view the current selection of diamonds by visiting our Instagram: pimm_gems or Facebook: Pimm gems

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