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Saiyuan Estate Residence Impression

Saiyuan Estate Residence Impression

Mr. Barry Krisch, a businessman from Dubai, working in the Music Industry, was the first person who bought Saiyuan Estate’s Onyx style villa. 

Why a ‘Saiyuan Estate’ became his destination after surveying property for three years?

Q: Why did you choose Phuket as your destination?

A: For many reasons actually as I have been coming to Thailand for many years. The rst reason, I like playing golf here in Phuket. Secondly, I realised a long time ago I like Thai food, Thai people, Buddhism, and I am now trying to learn to speak the Thai language. Moreover, there are now direct ights by Emirate Airlines from Dubai to Phuket. It took me only five and half hours to decide on my perfect destination, as Phuket is so convenient for me. Asia is a great destination; Thailand is a land of history, and the best place for tourism and hospitality. Phuket is a very easy going place. There are many interesting things to do and Paully, my wife; she is the best driver and she drives me anywhere.

Saiyuan Estate Residence Impression Q: Have you invested in property here before?

A: No, this is the rst property I’ve bought. I spent three years surveying properties in Phuket to use as my holiday home.
Firstly, I considered buying a condo which would be easier to manage. You just close the door and go away. I surveyed properties by renting condos to stay in, in many areas, during my vacations. I stayed in Surin, Bangtao, Karon, Naiharn, and Patong. I disliked Patong because there is nothing of interest there. It is very important for me to feel humanity outside where I want to be. I did actually put a deposit down on a condo in Rawai but they never nished building. That was a bad experience. I then changed my mind and wanted to live in Surin, I put down a deposit on a property in Surin and again they didn’t commit. I waited about 8 months for construction to to start and then I took my money back. At
Raiwai I lost a bit of money and I also lost a lot of my time. However, everything happens for a reason. Finally I found Saiyuan Estate. I saw the Onyx Style villa and I loved it because it’s not a condo.

Q: What do you think about our service? How should we treat villas owners, or do we already do it perfectly?

A: About your service, I cannot find one fault. The beginning of my property buying experience was terrible. However,
from my first visit to Saiyuan Estate up until the final purchase was absolutely perfect. I mean in every step of the way. You know how to treat people who are not Thai and come to visit your country. They just need someone to hold their hand and tell what to do as local people. I was also impressed with the construction updates, keeping me well informed of progress. I have a business in Dubai, also a hospitality service business, but different from yours. I understand that making customers happy is very important. Everything is important to Saiyuan Estate, you finalised the villa on the exact date you said you would.

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