Saphanhin Park Phuket
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Saphanhin Park Phuket

Saphanhin Park (Sa – Phan – Hin), a public park located by the sea at the end of Phuket Road. This place is a recreational place for both locals and tourists. A land reclamation project in many years ago has provided new land which is being used for parks and public facilities at Saphan Hin. It is located where Phuket Road meets the Phuket Bay.

What to do at Saphanhin; first of all you can take a picture of a tin mining monument : the monument dedicated to the memory of Captain Edward Thomas Miles, the Australian who brought the first dredge to Phuket in 1909, located in front of the park.

A tin mining monument

Not only the sea Saphanhin also known as a sport center there are many of sports place; tennis court, football field and 2 of swimming pools. At Saphanhin it also has outdoor fitness equipment that you can work out and it is free. Hundreds of local residents visit the area every day to play sports such as tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer or wood ball in the afternoon.

Some sport place at Sapanhin
Wood ball team

This place is also a best place for family picnic, a nice place with a great view. A local market sells snacks and cool drinks, the market sell everything you need and easy pack to picnic by the sea, the unavoidable chicken barbecued, Som Tam (green papaya salad), mountains of fried noodles and all the meat sausages and balls you can think about. There are 2 markets one is L market, open every day, it is located behind the old building, Lucky Complex. And another is weekend market, located near the beach at the end of the road.

A beautiful tree-lined streets
Family picnic

The Saphanhin Chinese shrine – Kiew Tien Keng Shrine was established in 1996 one of the most beautiful shrine in Phuket. This area was a holy place, many years ago, it was a place that welcome Hiew Hoy (Fire Holy ceremony) from China. Now this area is a spot to send all gods back to heaven on the final night of the Vegetarian Festival. This is a shrine of God Kiew Tien Lien Lue, as the belief of ancient Chinese, God Kiew Tien Lien Lue was a supernatural power god who protected Phuket people from bad things or natural dangers.

Kiew Tien Keng Shrine

Saphanhin park alway have funfair and exhibition every month. It alway have many thing to buy from other part of Thailand at resonable price.

Otop Fair – products form everywhere or Thailand
Many many thing to buy
What would you like to eat?
Phuket pearl

I love Saphanhin, it is really place for everyone – every activities.








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