Silk Restaurant, Kamala Phuket
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Silk Restaurant, Kamala Phuket

Silk Restaurant is located in Andara Resort and Villas at Kamala, Phuket. The restaurant is on the rooftop, above the lobby of the hotel, offers a view of Kamala Bay.

In the evenings, the restaurant has a romantic atmosphere, recommend to come for a private romantic dinner with your lover.

The restaurant has an air-conditioned area with high privacy. The restaurant is decorated in contemporary Thai style. The walls and furniture are wood, give you a warm feeling, relaxing and luxurious at the same time. It is suitable for dining with senior or VIP guests.

Silk Restaurant Serving both Thai and international food. And it is a well-known restaurant that provides the rich taste of southern Thai cuisine. And the restaurant also offers free high-quality cooked jasmine rice with unlimited refills. At first, I thought that the food price was a bit high. But after thinking I can conclude that the price paid compared to the atmosphere, high-quality materials, and five-star service is a reasonable price.

Each dish has a taste of Phuket’s local food, as the original. For example, in “Kaeng Som with Shone” (hot and spicy yellow curry with fish), the curry paste is homemade, using fresh chili. Or an appetizer menu such as “Whoo Chae”, it served with good flavored dressing and the soft boiled egg which boiled at a perfect time. Another menu that I want to recommend is “Pla Hor Baitong” (a grilled snapper wrapped in banana leaves) they use fresh fish, not smelly or fishy. A seafood dipping sauce is really good, good taste, not too spicy. For the taste of the food, you can tell the staff what you prefer, such as not salty, not spicy, or very spicy.

Silk Restaurant offers an air-conditioned area not chaotic and very comfortable with a good air-conditioning system. And the restaurant also provides an outdoor area too. For the kitchen, it is separate from the dining room, so no annoying smell.

Silk Restaurant, is open daily from 7:00 AM – 9:30 PM. Reservations can be made by calling 076 338 777 or email

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